[spectre] Being Social: Furtherfield's 1st Exhibition at New Gallery & Social Space.

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Being Social
Opening Event: Saturday 25 February 2012, 1-4pm
Press View: Friday 2 March 2012, 10-12 noon
rsvp: info at furtherfield.org

Being Social is the opening exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery in 
Finsbury Park in North London. Furtherfield has established an 
international reputation as London's first gallery for networked media 
art since 2004. With this exciting move to a more public space 
Furtherfield invites artists and techies - amateurs, professionals, 
celebrated stars and private enthusiasts - to engage with local and 
global, everyday and epic themes in a process of imaginative exchange.

This exhibition brings together artworks by emerging and internationally 
acclaimed artists: Annie Abrahams, Karen Blissett, Ele Carpenter, Emilie 
Giles, moddr_ , Liz Sterry and Thomson and Craighead.

Since the mid-90s computers have changed our way of being together. 
First the Internet then mobile networks have grown as cultural spaces 
for interaction - wild and banal, bureaucratic and controlling - 
producing new ways of 'being social'. Visitors are invited to view art 
installations, software art, networked performances and to get involved 
with creative activities to explore how our lives - personal and 
political - are being shaped by digital technologies.

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Furtherfield Gallery & Social Space:

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http://www.furtherfield.org - for art, technology and social change 
since 1997

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