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Sun Jan 22 07:36:26 CET 2012

“Lidapofaf - Lasciando il domani al presente o forse al futuro (Lidapofaf – 
letting tomorrow go today while thinking of the future) 

There are many feelings that slowly cross human life, sometimes unexpected, 
sometimes hopeful, sometimes misunderstood.

Starting on the existential path, a combination of casual encounters that 
occur, unseeing, accidental attractions ... 

The events are free flowing, but man re-orders them in an unnatural way.

Here are some of the thoughts that inspired the work: " Lidapofaf ", created 
by Domenico Olivero.

The artwork is located in the historic Town Hall of Cuneo on the first floor 
next to the Hall of Honor.

The artwork is located in this transit area and invites an unspoken dialogue 
and interaction, conscious or supposition.

As you pass the work and the surrounding space, thoughts are born.

The installation consists of three strongly coloured sculptures, that form a 
unique work.

Ideally it could be past, present and future, fused into an assembly designed 
to evoke temporal and spiritual reflections.

But the artist prefers not to define too precisely these ideas so as not to 
fall into the trap of "knowledge", but leaving wonder and perhaps immanence to 

The event will run from 1 to 18 February, 2012, on the first floor in the 
foyer of the Hall of Honor in the Cuneo Town Hall. 

This event has been organized with the patronage/support of the Municipality 
of Cuneo. 

here photos http://lidapofaf.blogspot.com/

 Event information:  
Title exhibition: " Lidapofaf - Lasciando il domani al presente o forse al 
futuro. (Letting tomorrow go today while thinking of the future).
Artist: Domenico Olivero. 
Curator: Marina Perla
Location: Town Hall of Cuneo
Address: Via Roma 28 12100 Cuneo Italy 
Opening hours: 1 to 18 February 2012, 09,00 to 05,00 am, free admission. 
Website: http://lidapofaf.blogspot.com/
e-mail: ph2oarte at libero.it 


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