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Thu Jun 21 10:36:09 CEST 2012

*OPENHERE FESTIVAL :: June 28 - July 1, 2012* *:: DUBLIN :: IRL*

WHAT :: A four day festival that addresses social, technological and 
cultural issues surrounding the notion of the digital commons.

WHERE :: CTVR [Telecommunications Research Centre], in collaboration 
with DATA [Dublin Art and Technology Association]

WHO :: Amelia Andersdotter (SE) Michel Bauwens (BE) Ralph Borland (ZA) 
Conor McGarrigle (IE) Sarah Browne (IRL) Alexamder Chemeris (RU) Florian 
Cramer CTVR (IE) Linda Doyle (IE) Jessica Foley (IE) Fairwaves (RU) 
Benjamin Gaulon (FR/IE) Franco Iacomella (AR) Lourens Rozema (NL) Robert 
Horvitz (US) Dmytri Kleiner (UA/CA) Nicolas Maigret (FR) Sascha Meinrath 
(US) Eoin O'Dell (IRL) Rachel O'Dwyer (IRL) Julian Oliver (NZ) Nora 
O'Murchu Jussi Parikka (FI) Tom Rondeau (US) Paul Sutton () Danja 
Vasiliev (RU) Martin Weiss (US) Harald Welte () Mick Wilson and Thomas 
Wilson (IE)

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