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Summer Board Games with Class Wargames and Kimathi Donkor

Public event - at Furtherfield
Saturday 23rd June 1-5pm
Limited space so contact to confirm
ale at furtherfield.org

Join us for a day of debate around the leader of the Haitian Revolution, 
Toussaint Louverture, now regarded as an important icon of anti-slavery 
struggles. Class Wargames interviews the artist Kimathi Donkor who 
created the history painting Toussaint Louverture at Bedourete to mark 
200 years since the independence of Haiti.

The event will kick off with a picnic in the park (or indoor lunch in 
the event of rain!!!) and continue with an afternoon of collective 
playing of Guy Debord's The Game of War, a Napoleonic-era military 
strategy game where armies must maintain their communications structure 
to survive – and where victory is achieved by smashing your opponent’s 
supply network rather than by taking their pieces.

In a short film by Ilze Black, Dr Richard Barbrook and Fabian Tompsett 
of Class Wargames interview Donkor about the work. Alex Verness from 
Class Wargames will be documenting the day by taking xenographs of 

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Part of the Invisible Forces exhibition 

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