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Street Media in East London


Date: Sunday 1st July

Time: 3.00pm

Location: Brady Arts Centre, 192-196 Hanbury Street, London E1 5HU (nearest
tube is Whitechapel)

No cost



Today's street market is a space traversed by an undercommons, even as
hipster redevelopment claims it as a space of the 'find.' Assembling
material flows in ways that bring migrant communities, commodities, styles,
and bodies together. East London markets have been important to a people's
history of London. This project aims to contribute to that history of
contestation and change. This event marks the beginning of a project through
the markets of East London. A group of young people, with Mumbai-based
artist Ranjit Kandalgaonkar and cultural theorist Amit Rai, use moving image
and sound as an interface between objects, communities, media, and value.   


The city is in flux, as Kandalgaonkar puts it. The market is place where
these fluxes are discernible below the security cameras, performances of
identity, and strategies of redevelopment. As modes of capture, the creative
industries and academic urban research produce representations and modes of
knowing these market space. But what form of collaboration between young
local filmmakers, artists, and media activists could resonate with these
market spaces beyond the pieties of intellectual property and neoliberal
consumerism? In this event, Ranjit talks about his work on markets and urban
life in Mumbai, and presents a short film made in the past two weeks in
local East End markets with a group of young media creators, a work in
progress. This is followed by a panel discussion exploring the creative and
social processes that continuously pose the political potential of markets.





With Adnan Hazdi (Deptford TV, Bitnik) Janet Harbord (Film, Queen Mary),
Amit Rai (Business School, Queen Mary) Derek Richards 


A collaboration between Queen Mary, University of London, Hi8us South and
the East End Film Festival, this event brings together Mumbai and London,
community media organizers, Business and Film Studies academics, youth
ambassadors from Hi8us, and Leverhulme artist in residence at Queen Mary
Ranjit Kandalgaonkar. 


This event is part of East End Film Festival and Moving Forest 2012




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