[spectre] Agit Disco VS The Zombie Apocalypse

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Agit Disco VS The Zombie Apocalypse.

Marc Garrett reviews Stefan Szczelkun's book Agit Disco.

The subtle and not so subtle domination by market interests of cultural 
production and dialogue denies us all access to a wide spectrum of 
creative expression, especially those that engage in subjects that 
conflict with the agendas of those in power. Agit Disco by Stefan 
Szczelkun published by Mute in 2012, combats this contemporary trend by 
focusing on music, politics, DIY culture, and freedom of expression. In 
doing so he starts to redress the lack of representation across the 
board for those in grass roots culture and working class lives, whose 
freedoms to have a voice in society are so commonly restricted.

“Agit Disco offers a breath of fresh air, in the fug of the developing 
marketisation of everything. It presents grounded examples of difference 
that contrast with the dominating view of entertainment systems. It 
features 23 playlists put forward by 23 different writers, artist and 
activists. It began as a set of mixed CDs and images, each chapter 
includes annotations and illustrations. Its contributors are Sian 
Addicott, Louise Carolin, Peter Conlin, Mel Croucher, Martin Dixon, John 
Eden, Sarah Falloon, Simon Ford, Peter Haining, Stewart Home, Tom 
Jennings, DJ Krautpleaser, Roger McKinley, Micheline Mason, Tracey 
Moberly, Luca Paci, Room 13 – Lochyside Scotland, Howard Slater, Johnny 
Spencer, Stefan Szczelkun, Andy T, Neil Transpontine, and Tom Vague.”

Stefan Szczelkun is an artist and author interested in culture and 
democracy. In the early Seventies he was fortunate to be part of the 
Scratch Orchestra and has since been involved with a series of artists 
collectives. His doctoral research into the Exploding Cinema collective 
was completed at the RCA in 2002. Recently his collaborative project 
Agit Disco was published as a Mute book in 2012. He has been on the Mute 
magazine editorial board since 2009, and currently working on 
photographic and performance projects.

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