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Oh yeah, forgot mention...

Here's my own Agit Disco selection

*Agit Disco 24. Marc Garrett.*

Damien Dempsey - 'Dublin Town' (2000)
Asian Dub Foundation - 'Modern Apprentice' (2000)
Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip - 'Great Britain' (2010)
Kirsty MacColl - 'Fifteen Minutes' (2005)
Jeffrey Lewis - 'Do They Owe Us A Living?' (2007)
The Pop Group - 'Forces of oppression' (1979)
Kieron Means - 'I Worry For This World' (2005)
Robyn Archer - 'Ballad on Approving of the World' (1984)
Robyn Hitchcock - 'Point it at Gran' (1986)
Sound of Rum - 'End Times' (2011)
Silver bullet - '20 Seconds to comply (final conflict)' (1990)
Maze - 'Color Blind (Featuring Frankie Beverly)' (1977)
Akala - 'Bullshit' (2006)
Sarah Jones - 'Your Revolution' DJ Vadim (2000)
Julian Cope - 'Soldier Blue' (1991)
June Tabor - 'A place called England' (2009)

if you want to share yours just visit the review link & add yours - it's 
got to fit the them and fit onto a CD...

chat soon,


> Sorry for cross posting...
> Happy new Year all,
> here's my 1st review of 2014!-)
> marc
> Agit Disco VS The Zombie Apocalypse.
> Marc Garrett reviews Stefan Szczelkun's book Agit Disco.
> http://www.furtherfield.org/features/reviews/agit-disco-vs-zombie-apocalypse 
> The subtle and not so subtle domination by market interests of 
> cultural production and dialogue denies us all access to a wide 
> spectrum of creative expression, especially those that engage in 
> subjects that conflict with the agendas of those in power. Agit Disco 
> by Stefan Szczelkun published by Mute in 2012, combats this 
> contemporary trend by focusing on music, politics, DIY culture, and 
> freedom of expression. In doing so he starts to redress the lack of 
> representation across the board for those in grass roots culture and 
> working class lives, whose freedoms to have a voice in society are so 
> commonly restricted.
> “Agit Disco offers a breath of fresh air, in the fug of the developing 
> marketisation of everything. It presents grounded examples of 
> difference that contrast with the dominating view of entertainment 
> systems. It features 23 playlists put forward by 23 different writers, 
> artist and activists. It began as a set of mixed CDs and images, each 
> chapter includes annotations and illustrations. Its contributors are 
> Sian Addicott, Louise Carolin, Peter Conlin, Mel Croucher, Martin 
> Dixon, John Eden, Sarah Falloon, Simon Ford, Peter Haining, Stewart 
> Home, Tom Jennings, DJ Krautpleaser, Roger McKinley, Micheline Mason, 
> Tracey Moberly, Luca Paci, Room 13 – Lochyside Scotland, Howard 
> Slater, Johnny Spencer, Stefan Szczelkun, Andy T, Neil Transpontine, 
> and Tom Vague.”
> Stefan Szczelkun is an artist and author interested in culture and 
> democracy. In the early Seventies he was fortunate to be part of the 
> Scratch Orchestra and has since been involved with a series of artists 
> collectives. His doctoral research into the Exploding Cinema 
> collective was completed at the RCA in 2002. Recently his 
> collaborative project Agit Disco was published as a Mute book in 2012. 
> He has been on the Mute magazine editorial board since 2009, and 
> currently working on photographic and performance projects.
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