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Datum: 	Thu, 14 Jun 2018 21:05:39 +0200
Von: 	annet dekker <annet at aaaan.net>

hi all,

With great pleasure I can tell you that my research of the past years is 
published by academic publisher Routledge. In /Collecting and Conserving 
Net Art. Moving Beyond Conventional Methods/ I analyse and propose new 
views on the conservation of net art, and (re)consider traditional 
concepts such as authenticity, performativity and networks. Or, as the 
publisher likes to frame it:


Collecting and Conserving Net Art explores the qualities and 
characteristics of net art and its influence on conservation practices. 
By addressing and answering some of the challenges facing net art and 
providing an exploration of its intersection with conservation, the book 
casts a new light on net art, conservation, curating and museum studies.

Viewing net art as a process rather than as a fixed object, the book 
considers how this is influenced by and executed through other systems 
and users. Arguing that these processes and networks are imbued with 
ambiguity, the book suggests that this is strategically used to create 
suspense, obfuscate existing systems and disrupt power structures. The 
rapid obsolescence of hard and software, the existence of many net 
artworks within restricted platforms and the fact that artworks often 
act as assemblages that change or mutate, make net art a challenging 
case for conservation. Taking the performative and interpretive roles 
conservators play into account, the book demonstrates how practitioners 
can make more informed decisions when responding to, critically 
analysing or working with net art, particularly software-based processes.

Collecting and Conserving Net Art is intended for researchers, academics 
and postgraduate students, especially those engaged in the study of 
museum studies, conservation and heritage studies, curatorial studies, 
digital art and art history. The book should also be interesting to 
professionals who are involved in the conservation and curation of 
digital arts, performance, media and software.


If you're interested ask your local library to order it (as the current 
first edition is ridiculously expensive), or if you're into digital 
reading you can download it on the sites you all (should) know.

I will be (briefly) presenting the book at Lima in Amsterdam on 4 July, 
18:30 as part of 'Performances, Books and Screens 
<https://www.facebook.com/events/185153018854385/>' and in the presence 
of the brilliant Gabriella Giannachi, Katja Kwastek, Gaby Wijers and 
Nell Donkers.

And if you can't make it, keep on eye out on the website aaaan.net 
<http://aaaan.net> where potential future launches & other exciting 
events will be posted.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, or reading your critical review!

Best Annet

Annet Dekker
Ass. Prof. Media Studies: Archival and Information Studies
University of Amsterdam

independent curator/researcher

[monograph] /Collecting and Conserving Net Art/. London: Routledge, 2018.

[editor] /Lost and Living (in) Archives. Collectively Shaping New 
Memories/. Amsterdam: Valiz, 2017.
contributions by: Babak Afrassiabi/Nasrin Tabatabai, Dušan Barok, Tina 
Bastajian, Nanna Bonde Thylstrup, Özge Çelikaslan, Annet Dekker, Olia 
Lialina, Manu Luksch, Nicolas Malevé/Michael Murtaugh/Ellef Prestsaeter, 
Aymeric Mansoux, Josien Pieterse/Stef Scagliola, Robert Sakrowski/Igor 
Stromajer, Katrina Sluis.

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