[spectre] Raven Row, London: Space available for two residencies, deadline 20 Oct 2019

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(I thought this might be interesting for some of you, best, Inke)

Von: Raven Row <info=ravenrow.org at cmail19.com> im Auftrag von Raven Row <info at ravenrow.org>
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Datum: Montag, 16. September 2019 um 16:06
Betreff: Space available for two residencies

Two rooms are available rent-free in Raven Row, each for a group or organisation to use over one year, joining those groups already resident, from end   November/December 2019 to December 2020. The available rooms on the first floor (pictured) are 18m2 and 21m2.
Applications are encouraged from groups (i.e. three or more people) or organisations working on collaborative and social projects, e.g. group or collective artistic, architectural or literary practice, grassroots activity/activism, work with communities, education, urbanism etc. Only non-commercial activity will be considered.
Applicants should use up to 300 words to explain why they need the room, and how they would use it. Supporting documentation would be helpful, in an attachment with a max of 2 pages of information, and/or 2 links.
Please submit applications to info at ravenrow.org with the subject title Residency application 2019, by the end of Sunday 20 October. Applicants will be notified before or by Monday 18 November. 
The two incoming groups will be selected by a panel consisting of Alessio Antoniolli (Director, Gasworks), Janna Graham (Lecturer in Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths), Melanie Keen (Director, Wellcome Collection, formerly Director, Iniva), Jenni Lomax (Trustee, Raven Row) and Alex Sainsbury (Director, Raven Row). The same panel selected the original groups, who began residencies in June 2018.
The panel is hoping to find groups who can make a dynamic contribution to the community of residents in Raven Row.
Further details, concerning opening times and access etc. for residents, as well as links to information on current residents, are available on Raven Row’s website. 
Since the end of 2017 Raven Row’s exhibition programme has been suspended. Its galleries and flats are now being used for residencies, until the end of 2020. Raven Row will remain in 56-58 Artillery Lane at least until 2029, and its exhibition programme will resume in due course.

Raven Row
56 Artillery Lane
London E1 7LS
T +44 (0)20 7377 4300
info at ravenrow.org

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