[spectre] Manif.app : launch

Antoine Schmitt as at gratin.org
Wed Apr 15 04:11:58 CEST 2020


this message to inform you of the availability of a new platform for online manifestation with other people on a shared map.

Here : https://manif.app <https://manif.app/>

In these times of lockdown where it is impossible to physically meet, in these times of rising of authoritarian governments, this platform enables the existence of manifestations online.

Totally anonymous, free, without advertising, open source, Manif.app is a civic initiative which aims at providing everyone with new tools for action toward a democratic life. Manif.app wants to support the diversity of territories in struggle and to create performative cartographies.

informations : https://manif.app/wp/ <https://manif.app/wp/>
help : https://www.manif.app/wp/aide/ <https://www.manif.app/wp/aide/>
facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/manifapp/ <https://www.facebook.com/manifapp/>

Please forward to interested parties

Thank you


Antoine Schmitt
antoineschmitt.com <http://antoineschmitt.com/>

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