[spectre] Invitation to co-create poetry and spellcast with Identity_Runners for the Digital Power Exhibition

frenesi frenesi at kein.org
Tue Aug 18 11:42:00 CEST 2020

Open Sorcery Poetry (OSP) is a multilingual battle-cry, a series of
generative poems to be created with known accomplices, deep aliases and
passing strangers.

Join us in the Etherpad to create new poems, spellcasting with us. These
‘anchors for listening’, hexes against Power, can be hacked, weaponized,
remixed, and recast.

We trip in codes and appropriate technologies. We are
Identity_Runners—Diane Ludin, Agnese Trocchi and Francesca da
Rimini—living in the United States, Italy, Australia. Since the late
1990s we have interweaved our playing using various Internet protocols.

Today we refuse the dictatorship of social networks. We don’t believe
the rhetoric of gamified social platforms. Instead, we seek out the
liminal, the spaces between the singularities that patriarchy and
capitalism define and operate under.

We have created Open Sorcery Poetry (OSP) for the Digital Power:
Activism, Advocacy And The Influence Of Women Online* exhibition for ACM

To arrive at the Etherpad please follow the tracks at
or here

The Etherpad will be open for 24 hours on each of the following dates:
Thursday 20th of August 2020, from 10am Universal Time Coordinated(UTC)
Friday 21st of August 2020, from 10am Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)
Saturday 22nd of August 2020, from 10am Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)

Will you spellcast with us?


* Digital Power
‘Digital Power: Activism, Advocacy And The Influence Of Women Online’ is
an online exhibition organized by Kathy Rae Huffman for the
ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community, 2020. A curated selection of 42
artworks by individual women and teams ‘addresses the practice of
advocacy and activism through the intersection of art and technology’.


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