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Media Art South Asia - http://mediaartsouthasia.org


<de>confine - http://www.deconfine.org/

<de>confine, an online festival (Nov 6-29) that highlights media art 
practices in South Asia, alongside similar practices in France.

(online exhibition and conversations documented online)

<de>confine examines the evolving and multi-faceted nature of human – 
technology relationships and showcases works and initiatives that 
leverage the potential of technology to reflect on that relationship and 
other social issues.

The festival comprises an online exhibition that touches upon subjects 
such as Media Art Archiving, Digital Heritage, Video Art, Artificial 
Intelligence and Performance, Augmented Reality, Data Art, Mass Media, 
Open Source Cultures and much more.

13 Artists (2 from India, 1 from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri 
Lanka each, and the rest from France) have contributed to the online 
exhibition. To make the festival and its themes accessible to a 
mainstream audience, we have curated 13 conversations with artists, 
curators, and researchers on various topics.

This festival is a collaboration with Institut Francais de Paris (under 
whose Novembre Numerique initiative this festival falls), Fondation des 
Alliances Francaises - Paris, Institut Francais en Inde and Alliances 
Francaises in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal 
and Bangladesh.

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