[spectre] OPEN CALL - Roots & Seeds XXI. Biodiversity Crisis and Plant Resistance

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Tue Dec 15 09:56:35 CET 2020

Dear  Spectrites

As a member with Leonardo/Olats of The Roots & Seeds XXI 
project, I am happy to send you its call to support the 
production of two artworks and one research residency.

The deadline to apply is February 15th 2021.

Full guidelines and application forms: 

If you have questions: opencall at rootsandseedsxxi.eu

I include below a short reminder of the Roots & Seeds XXI 
project and a first description of the call.

I wish you all the best possible end of 2020.


* * * * *


To support the production of two artworks and one research 

/Roots & Seeds XXI/aims to promote sustainable habits 
through the use of Art & Science approaches and practices. 
The project wants to encourage audiences to take better care 
of the environment, and more particularly of plants. /Roots 
& Seeds XXI/ is an international cooperation project 
developed with the support of the Creative Europe Programme 
of the European Union, between Ars Electronica, 
Leonardo/Olats, University of Barcelona and Quo Artis as 
lead partner.

We understand the botanical world from a non-anthropocentric 
perspective, and we aim to present it as a model for a more 
sustainable future. Among others, our activities include 
workshops, multidisciplinary garden cartographies, an 
Art-Sci Forum and this Open Call for the production of two 
artworks (organized by Quo Artis) and a research residency 
(organized by Leonardo/Olats).


*This Open Call will support:*


●*Financial support for the production of TWO artworks:*

*1) One artwork production valued at 12.500 € or less (VAT 
excluded) and*

*2) One artwork production valued at 5.500 € or less (VAT 

The project must be completed in a maximum period of twelve 
months, starting in May 2021. Quo Artis Foundation will 
manage the production amount in common agreement with the 

●*ONE 14 days Research Residency in the frame of 
Leonardo/Olats programme “MM - Maison Malina Residencies”. 
The Residency will take place in April 2022 in Paris and the 
selected artist/curator will receive a grant of 1.400 €.*

The "MM Residencies" offer time and a space for reflection, 
meetings and exchanges without any production obligations. 
This residency will be focused on *research* – please bear 
in mind there will be *no workshop space available*. In 
addition, Leonardo/Olats will cover the travel costs.


*Applicants in both categories must address the biodiversity 
crisis focused on the botanical world. Their projects have 
to be developed in direct collaboration with scientific 
professionals and/or institutions.*


In addition to the production of the artworks and the 
residency, the authors of the three selected projects will 
benefit from participating in some of /Roots & Seeds XXI/’s 
international training and exchange of knowledge events 
(LASER Paris meetings, Multidisciplinary Gardens’ 
Cartographies and Art-Sci Forum, among others). All the 
travel costs related to the participation in these 
activities will be covered by the /Roots & Seeds XXI 

The two produced artworks and the result of the research 
residency will be presented and exhibited at Ars Electronica 
Festival, Linz, in 2022.The artworks’ transport and the 
artists’ flight expenses to Ars Electronica will be covered 
by Quo Artis. In case of the residency, the presentation 
format will be agreed between the project representative and 
/Root & Seeds XXI/’s partners.

*The Call is open to applicants of any nationality, but 
based in Europe, including non-EU countries.*

Full guidelines and application forms: 

Deadline: February 15th, 2021

Questions: opencall at rootsandseedsxxi.eu

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