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Mon Apr 19 12:38:47 CEST 2021

Dear Spectrites,

We are delighted to announce the results of the Roots and 
Seeds XXI Open Call for Residency and for the two Production 
Awards for new artworks.

We received a total of 329 applications from 32 countries, 
91 of which were for the Research Residency that will take 
place at the Malina House in Paris (April 2022).

The *recipient of the Residency Grant is Marit Mihklepp 
*(http://maritmihklepp.com), an Estonian artist based in the 
Netherlands, where she graduated from interdisciplinary 
ArtScience MA program in The Hague. Her work explores the 
existing and speculative communication systems between 
humans and other-than-humans, often using instructions and 
objects to be activated by the audience.

All our congratulations to Maritand our deep thank you to 
the members of the Jury:

- Oriane Hidalgo, Botanist, Botanical Institute of Barcelona 

- Roger Malina, Astronomer, Executive Editor of the Leonardo 
publications at MIT Press, President of Leonardo/Olats (US)

- Ramuntcho Matta, Artist, Founder and Director of Lizières 
Cultural and Resource center (FR)

- Claudia Schnugg, Curator and Researcher in Art-Science (AT)

- Victoria Vesna, media artist and Professor at UCLA 
Department of Design (US)

With Annick Bureaud, Art Critic, Curator and Director of 
Leonardo/Olats (FR) and Tatiana Kourochkina, Producer, 
Cofounder of Quo Artis Foundation (SP).

The *recipient of the 12.500 € Production Award* 
is*Posthuman Studies Lab *(https://ferations.world 
https://cargocollective.com/18apples), an independent 
post-disciplinary curatorial and educational initiative 
based in Moscow.

The *recipient of the 5.500€ Production Award* is *Laura 
Cinti *(http://www.c-lab.co.uk),**an Italian research-based 
artist working with biology and also the primary artist and 
co-director of C-LAB, based in England.

Congratulations to both and a deep thanks to the members of 
the Jury:

- Valentino Catricalà, curator at SODA Gallery Manchester 
and lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University (IT/UK)

- Lucio Montecchio, Researcher and Professor of Forest 
Pathology at the University of Padova and member of the 
Board of the Botanical Garden of Padova (IT)

- Aliya Sakhariyeva, Art historian, Director of the Art & 
Science Center and Master Degree Program, ITMO University 

- Vid Simoniti, Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of 
Liverpool, Director of MA in Art, Aesthetics and Cultural 
Institutions (SI/UK)

- Nicola Triscott Curator, co-founder of Arts Catalyst and 
the director of FACT Liverpool (UK).

Roots & Seeds 

_Quo Artis<https://www.facebook.com/quoartis/?__tn__=kK*F>_


Leonardo / 

Universitat de 

in collaboration with 

_Institut Botànic de Barcelona - 

With the support of Creative Europe Programme of the 
European Union Creative 

Photo: Iván Pérez

We are very much looking forward to collaborating with those 



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