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*Dossier #44* *Manuscrítica Journal*, ISSN 2596-2477
Immaterial Archives, challenges of creation in the digital context
*Extended Deadline:* 30 July

One of the recurring concerns throughout technological transformation,
especially those marked by the development of computation and digital
media, refers to how one could think about creativity and the notion of
archive/file in an increasingly technology-centered scenario. At the same
time that techno-culture provokes uncertainties about authorship,
automation, and control of the act of creation, it also reveals a spread of
experimentation, marked by the appropriation of practices, materialities,
and files.

Due to the transit between analog and digital, and the computational
paradigm as a procedure for creation, interaction, and “remediation”, new
layers are added to the complexity of the processes which, in its turn,
defy the studies of genetic criticism.

*Themes of interest include, but are not limited to, the following topics:*


   The effervescence of archives/files of a self-referential, ephemeral, or
   immaterial nature;

   The new spaces of memory and essayistic creation: the ubiquity of online
   digital storage (social media, platforms, blogs, and games as supports for

   Digital archives/files and analog practices: how the storage of digital
   images reverberates in the act of creation;

   Questioning the idea of distributed and/or remote subject;

   Potentialities of co-authorship and technological symbiosis in the act
   of creation;

   Challenges in the documentation and representation of works and
   exhibition of a hybrid and computational nature;

   "Telematic art", poetics and interactions;

   Individual or collective works and/or exhibitions for online digital

   Modes of presence: institutional projects of exhibition, presentations,
   and curatorship created for online digital systems;

   Datasets as a material of creation: potentialities;

   Unarchive web-pages: how to deal with process traces;

   Error, chance e interference: glitch art and/or fractal art;

   Cybernetics and feminism: the processual/procedural as a multiplier of

   Computational vision and operational images;

   Artificial intelligence, algorithms, machine learning, and creativity.

The submitted works could be written in Spanish, French, English, *or*
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