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Annick Bureaud anikburo at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 22:00:40 CEST 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In the Leonardo/Olats programme of public activities, I am pleased to
announce the resumption of the LASER Meetings in September as well as a
research day "Which Bodies in/for Space?" in October.

Here is a first information so that you can book your dates. More
information will come after the summer.

** September 23rd 2021 - LASER Meetings: "In the Shadow of my Tree ..."* in
the framework of the Roots & Seeds XXI project with Marjolijn Dijkman,
Amandine Cornille, Marc-Williams Debono - 19:00

** October 26th 2021 - Research Day "Which Bodies in/for Space?"* that I am
co-organising with Manuela de Barros in a partnership with ArTeC Paris 8
University - 9:30 - 20:00

Who goes into space? With which body (s)? What does space do to these
bodies? Human flights or robotic missions? Human flights, yes, but by whom?
Robots, of course, but of what nature?
This reseach day addresses the question of the body in extraterrestrial
space understood as the human body in all its dimensions, the body of
living non-humans (animals, plants), the surrogate bodies that are robots
and celestial inorganic bodies of asteroids and planets.
With Marie-Pier Boucher, Valérie Ciarletti, Kitsou Dubois, Ségolène
Guinard, Flis Holland, Adriana Knouf, Minna Långström.

Until Then, All the Best

Annick Bureaud
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