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hi all, something new to listen to and lmk if you like to join 
our discord: Eastbloc Antifascist Sound Alliance

The Eastbloc Antifascist Sound Alliance presents

The Eastbloc Antifascist Sound Alliance (@eastblocsound) is a community initiative created around the desire to connect an eclectic group of people working with sound in Eastern Europe, post-Soviet space, and Eastern European diaspora. In this geo-cultural context resistance against the rise of right-wing populism and the resurgence of fascism at large is very important. “Building an antifascist alliance around listening, based around sound and music, does not erase our specific experiences, shaped through pacts and ideologies and geopolitical conditions, or even ‘how we survived communism and even laughed,’ (Slavenka Draculic) it does not stand for nations or even forming a power alliance, it stands for this specific diaspora standing up.” The Eastbloc Antifascist Sound Alliance’s first cooperative product is the mixtape “Diasporian Dissonances.” It features more than 30 artists from from the former Eastbloc and the Eastern European diaspora and has been mixed by AGF @poemproducer.

“Diasporian Dissonances” is a contribution to BLACK BOX EAST: blackboxeast.berlinergazette.de

eastbloc antifascist sound alliance presents: DIASPORIAN DISSONANCES

mixtape by AGF feat:

artist - title

Anamaria Pravicencu - Drawing fragment 1 
amber amber - intro
Andrea Beton - Suché Lúky
sonicwilderness BRNO 2021 - ambient screams
AGF - what is an “eastbloc”
Robertina Šebjanič, Ida Hiršenfelder, Manja Ristić - Sounds of the EarthSea
Timur Dzhafarov [John Object] - 500mg [Standard Deviation] - If-Only
Trinh & Linh Ha - jam (Blindsignal Hanoi)
Dengue Drums (FOOZOOL Remix)
amber amber - Beeing from the East [poem]
In My Talons - Thunder (CL GOLEM "Future in Old Hungarian" Version)
Avtomat - 01. Gusła (Human Rites)
manja ristić - kairos & the dwellers - 03 dwellers.aiff
AGF - building an anti-fascist alliance
Jonas Gruska - spomaleny protest
Amek Drone Ensemble - Op. 1 - 01 Op. 1
Political Soundwalks - 2020-10-25~15 10 @ гатэль Планета _ Стэла Мінск - Горад-Герой
Simina Oprescu - NIMBOSTRATUS (Quoting Beethoven)
Marija Balubdžić - Umbra Posle
klarawodehn - klimarap acapella
ZLE OkO - A kto nie ma pokus (…And who hasn't been tempted)
Nandele - Failed Experiment
OR poiesis - kamnolom kisetsu
Natela Svanidze - Epitaphium (1974 Original Recording on Synthi - 100)
Lara Sarkissian - OBSIDIAN
Marija Šumarac - Walking
Diana Romanova - Hurlement
Anna Politovskaya - excerpt from movie ‘Анна Политковская: семь лет на линии фронта’
Yoana Robova - it is a bit crowded
Private Mountain - Baroque in the Age of Neoliberalism
Svetlana Maraš - Soudscape Cabinet
Krista Dintere - Biosignals Purva Radio MpLab
"Fascia 181006190131" Marija Bozinovska Jones with J.G. Biberkopf featuring MBJ Wetware
Belarus 2020 to serve and protect
leah & Natalie Beridze - gal
Audrius Simkujas - conditioner sound ambeo
the2vvo - Felt Curtain
Danay Suarez - El corazón (cut)
Roman Radkovic Collective - Kde domov můj
Discombobulatrix - ciocarlie cu reverb
GORO TARIKATA - Conclusion 
Yaera - Elavoko

AGF: @poemproducer
sound & facilitation

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web: poemproducer.com
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