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Hey folks!

Apologies for cross-posting! I hope that this project might interest some
of you.


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*Museum Without Walls*
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Museum Without Walls is an inventory of virtual museums, mapping media and
political technologies that enable cultural institutions to expand on their
possibilities. The project takes inspiration from the recent reform of the
Espírito Santo Art Museum - MAES, which made its exhibition space much more
susceptible to the surroundings. Untethered from its physical building,
MAES’ presence unfolds across webVR environments, fictional audio guides,
and augmented reality filters.

Over the next months, Museum Without Walls will host a series of
discussions, interviews, VR workshops, and other activities. Follow the
project on social media to keep track of its public program.

Participating institutions: The Ant Farm Antioch Art Building,
Commonolithic, Digital Museum of Digital Art, Dja Guata Porã, Festival
Origraffes, Instituto Raízes da Piedade, Introdução ao Terceiro Mundo, The
Kremer Collection, Laboratório de Processamento de Imagem Digital (Museu
Nacional), Mirella Schena e Clara Sampaio, Museu das Remoções, Museu de
Arte do Espírito Santo, Para a Terra Volta toda Corpa em Matéria,
Plataforma de Curadoria (UFES), Renato Pera, Riverine Archive, Virtual Hall.

Museum Without Walls is coordinated by Gabriel Menotti, funded by the
Espírito Santo State Cultural Offices (Secult-ES), and counts with the
support of the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and
Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Canada.
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