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Strategies for Self-Renewal
Curated and conducted by Marta Peirano
February–November 2021 


(re)programming: The Cloud

Everything Is Not Connected
With Joana Moll

Monday, 20 September 2021 at 7 PM CET

Join us here > https://aksioma.org/reprogramming

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In the sixth episode of the (re)programming, we explore the environmental and social impact of The Cloud and the data extraction industry with artist and researcher Joana Moll and the curator of the programme Marta Peirano. How much CO2 is released into the atmosphere every time we lazy-Google the name of an actor? How much freedom do we give up every time we swipe left on Tinder?
Digital platforms have made a business out of removing us from our real communities and replacing them with a controlled simulation of connection that only exists as a directory in a massive server commonly regarded as The Cloud. Algorithmically created out of similar tastes, pet hates and grievances, it is designed as a data extraction machine and a container for targeted advertising, gamified to maximize the anticipated user’s compulsion and company’s profit. But the remarkable success of The Cloud has not only detached us from our natural habitats, it is also actively destroying them.

Joana Moll <http://www.janavirgin.com/> 's work critically explores the way techno-capitalist narratives affect the alphabetization of machines, humans and ecosystems. Her main research topics include Internet materiality, surveillance, social profiling and interfaces.

Special guests: Dušan Caf, Luka Frelih, Filip Muki Dobranić

About the series
The tenth edition of Tactics  <https://aksioma.org/reprogramming/> & Practice: (re)programming is a festival of conversations with world-class thinkers in crucial disciplines that discuss the ways in which we can repair our thought and behavioural patterns in order to keep us collectively safe. The programme is led and curated online by Marta Peirano. Watch previous episodes:

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- Kate Crawford: AI: Better Machines for Better Humans <https://aksioma.org/reprogramming/ai/> 



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