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*Read & Repair - Digital Solidarity feat. Jara Rocha and Yoana Buzova*

On Sunday 26th September we have a READ with Jara Rocha followed by a REPAIR
with Yoana Buzova at Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam).

Of all the greyzones of our readwrite worldings, bibliographic self-defence
constitutes a specially powerful one. Both because of the fierce gestures
of erasure and silencing that certain recursive presences and absences
signal at, and because of the extremely lovely evidences of community
building and care thereby performed. Self-defence, resistance,
counter-weighting and mutual support operations of immense technopolitical
value keep taking place at what can be termed "peripheral literature areas"
such as bibliographies, footnotes, indexes, acknowledgement pages,
colophons, library metadata and side annotations, where trans*feminist,
anticolonial, antiracist, queer, crip, antispeciest, antifa and atiageist
solidarities take very tangible and specific forms.
On this Read session, we'll spend time with materials collected from such
zones, to identify stories behind or below them, and to perhaps also extend
them with our very situated manners to provide ourselves with the
bibliographic solidarities that are urgent and precious to us as a latent
"we" that exists across them.

Fragments will be read from these bodies of text:

   - Katherine McKittrick, Dear Science and Other Stories

   - Dionne Brand, Blue Clerk

   - (plus a collection of scattered hegemonic bibliographies)

Jara Rocha works through the situated and complex forms of distribution of
the technological with an antifa and trans*feminist sensibility. Tends to
be found in tasks of remediation, action-research and in(ter)dependent
curatorship, and their main areas of study have to do with the semiotic
materialities of cultural urgencies. Together with Femke Snelting they are
making a book titled “Volumetric Regimes: Material Cultures of Quantified
Presences” and also with Helen Pritchard they currently work on The
Underground Division: an emerging research on the co-constitution of the
so-called body of the earth and the patriarchocolonial turbocapitalist
volumetric regime. With Karl Moubarak and Cristina Cochior, they conform
the Cell for Digital Discomfort at the 20/21 Fellowship for Situated
Research of BAK, Utrecht. Jara lives in Barcelona, and their show
"Naturoculturas son Disturbios" emits monthly from that city's local Dublab

The devices we surround ourselves with are an increasingly complex and
extremely heterogeneous matter. In a short workshop we will investigate the
materiality and inevitable politics of electronic components. We will take
an interdisciplinary approach to dissect specific objects in terms of their
material, socio-cultural and ecological dimension.
In this process we will dismantle and dissect components to their very
building blocks, investigating components from the Electronica Depot. What
are the precious earthly compounds inside them? How do they operate,
breakdown, fall into obsolescence? Where do they come from?

ойо is an artist/educator playing with tapes, neglected and banal objects,
public spaces.

*Date:* Sunday, 26th September 2021
*Time:* 11:00-13:00 (Read) + 13:30-15:30 (Repair)
*Location:* Varia (Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam)
*NOTE:* This reading session will be held in English. Please bring your

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