[spectre] Which Body(ies) in/for Space? 26 october 2021

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*"**Which Bodie(s) in/for Space**?"*


*Tuesday  October 26th 2021*

*9:30 - 20:00*

*Centre Wallonie Bruxelles*

127-129 Rue Saint-Martin, 75004 Paris


*Research Day co-directed by Annick Bureaud and Manuela de 

*with *Marie-Pier *BOUCHER*, Valérie *CIARLETTI*, Kitsou 
*DUBOIS*, Ségolène *GUINARD*, Flis *HOLLAND*, Adriana 

*free entrance in the limit of available seats registration 

*Masks and sanitary pass mandatory*

* * * * *

Who is going (in)to Outer Space? With wich body(ies)? What 
does space do to these bodies? Human flights, yes, but by 
whom? Robots, of course, but of what kind?

With a new rover and a tiny helicopter to pursue scientific 
research on Mars, a "blob" (/Physarum polycephalum/), 
tartigrades and the re-activation of the greenhouse-lab 
VEGGIE in the International Space Station, a triumvirate of 
billionnaires playing "the right stuff", in 2021, the 
extra-terrestrial activity has been riched and varied.

This research day brings together multiple and crossed 
voices of artists, theorists and scientists for a new 
approach to space in the Anthropocene era that takes the 
body and beings in a multidimensional and evolutionary vision.

It addresses the question of the body in extraterrestrial 
space understood as the human body in all its dimensions, 
the body of living non-humans (animals, plants), the 
surrogate bodies that are robots and celestial inorganic 
bodies of asteroids and planets.

It intends to exemplify how artistic creation and scientific 
research respond to each other, notably for reflection on 
the mutations and hybridizations of new forms of living and 
their environments

*Programme :*

>  *Marie-Pier Boucher*, Species of Time. Reflections on 
extra-terrestrial (in)temporalities

> *Valérie Ciarletti*, Searching for Traces of Life in the 
Martian Subsurface

> *Kitsou Dubois*, Modified Body in Microgravity: Complexity 
and paradoxes

> *Ségolène Guinard*, Compos(t)ing the space body: human and 
non human lives inside the capsule

>  *Flis Holland*, /Subserotic Bulge/

> *Adriana Knouf*, Tranxxeno Entanglements: On the Audacity of 
Imagining Transgender People in Space

> *Minna Långström*, A Mars Exploration Into the Image - the 
background research of the film "The Other Side of Mars*"* 
(including the screening of hte film)

The research day "Which Bodie(s) in/for Space?" is part of 
the research project "Extension of the field of The Living 
and Open Intelligence".

It is *co-organised* by Leonardo/Olats,**the TEAMeD 
Laboratory of Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis University,  the 
Research University School ArTeC and the CNEAI ; *in 
partnership with *La Diagonale Paris-Saclay and FEMeeting 
*and with the support of *the Daniel et Nina Carasso 
Foundation and the Canadian Cultural Centre.

This project has received Statesupport run by the Agence 
Nationale de la Recherche (National Research Agency) in the 
frame of the Investissements d'avenir programme (Investments 
for the future) under the reference ANR-17-EURE-0008.

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