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Thu Feb 24 17:36:22 CET 2022

I would like to add my sincere thanks to Annick-s.
Syndicate and now Spectre remains vital for many of us
Nina Czegledy

Quoting Annick2 <anikburo at gmail.com>:

> Thank you for your first message and this one, Andreas.
> We are going to get a lot of trolling but we are accustomed to that, right?
> I was, I am, feeling so useless and powerless.
> I don't want to add noise to noise.
> I am grateful that you opened the discussion. Syndicate has been  
> very important in its time.
> Best
> Annick Bureaud
> Le 24/02/2022 à 11:59, Andreas Broeckmann a écrit :
>> folks, a channel that i use to get an idea of the day-to-day press  
>> and public opinion in different european countries on a variety of  
>> topics, but now of course also on the situation in Ukraine, on  
>> reactions and repercussions, is "Eurotopics", for which there are  
>> also english, french, russian and turkish pages:
>> https://www.eurotopics.net/en/
>> https://www.eurotopics.net/ru/
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