[spectre] Call for Applications: PostDoctoral Scholar of Digital Arts and Experimental Media in Seattle

Tivon Rice tivon at u.washington.edu
Thu Jun 22 17:30:24 CEST 2023

*DXARTS, the University of Washington's Department of Digital Arts and
Experimental Media, is hiring a Postdoctoral Scholar to research creative
applications of machine learning in the Arts. *


We are seeking a highly motivated and talented postdoctoral scholar to join
our team at DXARTS, the Department of Digital Arts and Experimental Media
at the University of Washington. This is an exciting opportunity to apply
Computer and Data Science methodologies to experimental forms of visual,
sonic, 3D, and text-based arts, among others.

You will be part of a community of Artists/Researchers exploring the
aesthetics and cultural implications of emerging technologies.
Specifically, your research will focus on using data collection and machine
learning techniques to advance the field of Data Driven Arts, and to make
these approaches more accessible to students, artists, and diverse
communities on campus. This will be achieved through the development of a
Creative AI Toolkit that includes hardware and software systems that are
robust yet approachable. At the center of this toolkit is a recently
acquired Lambda server with 8X A100 GPUs.

The successful candidate will develop and implement strategies for making
this system available to students, researchers, and faculty working with
Data Driven Arts. This will include establishing paradigms for remote
multi-user access, and ensuring that popular and emerging ML frameworks are
organized in virtual environments or container toolkits. Candidates should
be familiar with GANs, Transformers, CNNs, Diffusion models and other
machine learning architectures. And importantly, they should be able to
think creatively about applying these tools to a variety of potentially
unexplored artforms.

As a part of our team, you will have the opportunity to contribute your own
ideas and research activities to the DXARTS community. In addition to
identifying existing and emerging workflows that could be applied to the
arts, you will have the freedom to pursue independent research within the
broader context of data collection and machine learning.

Applicants should have a PhD (or be close to receiving one) in a field
relevant to this research area.

For more information about DXARTS faculty, facilities, and research areas,
please visit our website at https://dxarts.washington.edu/
tivon rice
assistant professor
digital art and experimental media
university of washington
seattle, usa
tivon at uw.edu
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