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For prospectives2023 we will have at 12.00 PM an online Keynote talk by the co-founder of Furtherfield, Marc Garrett.

Free tickets available here: https://prospectives-2023-keynotes.eventbrite.com/

Title: Furtherfield’s Grounded Spirit of Activism in Art, Technology and Social Change.

Dr Marc Garrett will present four aspects of Furtherfield's grassroots contexts since it started in the mid-90s. He will talk about how the spirit of activism has been a key focus and fed the organisation's practice through the years as it has examined crossovers of practices in art, technology and social change.

First, he will discuss building a grassroots cultural agency and DIY activist-led art activities as part of a street-wise community, in Bristol, UK, in the late 80s and early 90s and how this period influenced Furtherfield's ideas, ventures and philosophy. Then he will talk about curating critical perspectives against top-down, extractive, patriarchal and hierarchical behaviours and their dominant systems. This will include a look at peer 2 peer, collectively built online platforms, the start of DIWO initiatives, and exhibitions. Thirdly, he will talk about living the proposition in digital art activism and what it means to follow ambitions beyond cherry-picking, institutional lip service, and taking risks. Examples of projects include: We Won't Fly For Art, Zero Dollar Laptop, DAOWO, and The Hologram. Lastly, Marc will talk about publishing critiques reflecting on art, technology and social change for curious minds. He will conclude with a discussion of Furtherfield’s current direction in the face of what we have learned about the role that “technological innovations” play in destroying critical imagination and producing an unequal society and climate collapse.

Dr Marc Garrett explores postdigital contexts of working-class and grassroots culture as part of an intersectional enquiry. He co-founded the arts collective Furtherfield as a collaborative platform online in 1996 with artist Ruth Catlow. It has two physical venues, a gallery and a Commons lab, both situated in the park in Finsbury Park, London. Garrett has curated over 60 contemporary Media Arts exhibitions and projects nationally and internationally. He has written many critical and cultural essays, articles, interviews, and books and is currently editing the book Furtherfield: 25 Years of Art, Technology and Social Change (2023), published by Torque.

Other recent book publications: Frankenstein Reanimated: Creation & Technology in the 21st Century (2022), eds Marc Garrett and Yiannis Colakides, published by Torque. State Machines: Reflections & Actions at the Edge of Digital Citizenship, Finance, & Art (2019). Edited by Yiannis Colakides, Marc Garrett, and Inte Gloerich. INC, Amsterdam. Artists Re: Thinking the Blockchain (2017). Eds, Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones, & Sam Skinner. Torque Editions & Furtherfield, Liverpool Press. Currently editing the book Living the Proposition (2023), published by Goldsmiths, UK.Show quoted text

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https://marcgarrett.org/cv/Dr Marc Garrett. He/Him.

Co-founder of Furtherfield & DECAL Decentralised Arts Lab.

Current book - Frankenstein Reanimated: Creation & Technology in the 21st Century. Co-editors Marc Garrett and Yiannis Colakides, 2022. https://tinyurl.com/m65jydyn

Co-founder of Furtherfield
Co-founder of DECALhttps://decal.furtherfield.org/http://decal.is/

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