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Open Humanities Press is pleased to announce the publication of 
Articulating Media: Genealogy, Interface, Situation, edited by James 
Gabrillo and Nathaniel Zetter.

Like all Open Humanities Press books, Articulating Mediais available 
open access (it can be downloaded for free):


*Book description:*

To ‘articulate’ media means to understand them by locating their 
connections in space and time. /Articulating Media/ offers new 
approaches to the writing of technology and the technologies of writing 
by twinning an investigation of language with an attention to location. 
Where does media theory take place? How should media theory understand 
its own occupation of the spaces of media? What materialities might 
survive media’s many articulations and associations?

Diverse in topic and method, the collection’s nine chapters analyse 
those questions of value, representation, and categorisation that are 
held within the languages of media. Contributors consider media 
technologies – following previous volumes in the Technographies series – 
not as mute objects addressed through language, but as processes and 
devices situated in the very grammars and vocabularies of their address. 
Scholars of literature, film, musicology, art, design theory, and media 
history evaluate new linguistic possibilities for thinking across 
disciplines and for considering the significance of location to 
media-critical writing. Collectively, the book traces the ways in which 
media vernaculars have shaped the vernaculars of media theory, and 
proposes a few ways in which we might reshape them.

*Editor Bios*

James Gabrillo is an assistant professor of musicology and 
ethnomusicology at the University of Texas at Austin. He was previously 
a lecturer at The New School and a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton 

Nathaniel Zetter is a College Teaching Associate in English at Selwyn 
College, University of Cambridge.



Articulating Mediais published as part of the Technographies series, 
edited by Steven Connor, David Trotter and James Purdon:



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