[spectre] CONF: Figures of Emancipation, Modern Sculpture and Gender (Belgrade/online, 16-17 Nov 23)

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Wed Nov 1 12:07:10 CET 2023

From: Ursula Ströbele / Ana Ereš
Date: Oct 29, 2023
Subject: CONF: Figures of Emancipation (Belgrade/online, 16-17 Nov 23)

Belgrade, University, Faculty of Philosophy / Online, Nov 16–17, 2023

The international workshop "Figures of Emancipation: New Perspectives on 
Modern Sculpture and Gender in 20th Century in Dialogue" will bring 
together different perspectives on recent sculptural research in the 
fields of art history, museology, curatorial practice and contemporary 
art with focus on the complex relationship between gender and art 
production. The main motivation of the conference is the historically 
largely overlooked, however rich and complex legacy of women sculptors 
who left behind impressive oeuvres and challenged both the artistically 
and socially imposed norms, approached from a transnational perspective. 
Our aim is to open new perspectives on this common “blind spot” in 
sculpture histories and museum practice that transgress the limiting 
frameworks on national historiographies by opening a dialogue and 
activating the exchange between the art historical knowledge about the 
former Western and Eastern European space, therewith addressing the 
wider cultural, social and political background of the histories in 
question. The main questions the conference aims to debate are: What 
role do women play in sculpture history, research, and 
exhibition/curatorial practice? What were their specific educational and 
exhibiting infrastructures? Did they receive public commissions, how 
were their works received by art institutions and the general society? 
How can they be given more visibility? What terminology and 
methodological approaches are suitable to approach their works? How can 
their self-image as women sculptors, (gender-)specific techniques and 
use of materials be described? How can we use the art historical 
knowledge on gender relations in sculpture to support and enhance the 
emancipatory politics in contemporary art and curating/museum practice?


November 16, 2023, Goethe Institute in Belgrade

20:00 Introductory Keynote Lecture by Julia Wallner (Arp Museum Bahnhof 
Rolandseck): Women Sculptors of Early Modernism, Material Issues
on site and online: https://www.youtube.com/c/GoetheInstitutBelgrad

21:15 Apero

November 17, 2023, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade (on site)

09:30–09:45 Welcome by Lidija Merenik, Head of the Art History Department

09:45–10:00 Introduction Ana Ereš and Ursula Ströbele
10:00–10:45 Burcu Dogramaci (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich): A 
Carrier Bag for Sculpting: Human–Non-human Relationships in Objects of 
Surrealist Female Artists

10:45–11:30 Marta Smolińska (Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in 
Poznan): The sense of touch as a figure of emancipation: haptics in the 
expanded field in the works of Polish female artists after 1945

11:30–12:00 Coffee break

12:00–12:45 Ursula Ströbele (Braunschweig University of Art): Elasticity 
and Resistance? Textile Sculptures and the Queer[y]ing of the Canon

12:45–14:30 Lunch Break

14:30–15:15 Ana Ereš (University of Belgrade): Sculptrices as Agents of 
Abstraction in Post-WW2 Art in Serbia

15:15–16:00 Simona Čupić (University of Belgrade): Goldfinger: Alina 
Szapocznikow & James Bond
16:00–16:45 Jasmina Čubrilo (University of Belgrade): Ana Bešlić goes Pop

16:45–17:15 Coffee break

18:30 Closing Keynote Lecture by Jo Applin (The Courtauld Institute of 
Art, London): Abstract Erotic: Alice Adams, Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse

Adress: Conference Hall "Dragoslav Srejović" (1st floor, room 108)
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy
Čika Ljubina 18-20
Belgrade 11000

Contact persons: ursula.stroebele at hbk-bs.de  ana.eres at f.bg.ac.rs

Reference / Quellennachweis:
CONF: Figures of Emancipation (Belgrade/online, 16-17 Nov 23). In: 
ArtHist.net, Oct 29, 2023. <https://arthist.net/archive/40472>.

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