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Emőke Bada emoke at emoke.org
Wed Nov 1 23:38:53 CET 2023

*In this workshop open to the public, Ideal Spaces will focus on new
concepts for building communities, with the help of new architectures based
on ecological, but also on cultural needs.*


All presentations and discussions will be live-streamed online on the ECC
YouTube channel.
If you wish to participate actively in the workshop you can join the
conversation on Zoom here.

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Meeting ID: 573 123 9139

The aspect of community had been grossly neglected in modern architecture.
The recent discourse focuses on ecology/technology, neglecting cultural
heritage and the fact that humans are both natural and cultural animals. As
an answer to climate crises, ecological needs have been considered in
recent architectures; their focus has been mainly technological, in
emphasising the technical optimisation of the built space – such as making
buildings more energy-efficient, using new materials, inserting plants into
the urban fabric, and so on. These attempts culminated in the ideal of the
so-called green city. The key idea behind such attempts is the wish for a
‘natural’ city. It is a wish that is deeply embedded in our (occidental)
cultural heritage, with relations to utopia and the myth of paradise.

A natural city for humans means to consider not just the aspect of ecology,
but also of culture. To bring culture into the discussion again and not to
focus solely on a technologically perfected ‘green’ architecture is a main
aspect of our workshop: We want to widen the perspective, to see the whole
picture, not just the eco-technological part of it which is so strongly
favoured today.

It is not enough to build technologically perfected eco-houses – what we do
with our cultural heritage? Taking the fact that humans are both cultural
and communal animals, not just technologically perfected, eco-adapted
solitaires. Next to ecology, our workshop wants to address the recent
social and economic ecology: What does it take for a new architecture that
inherits these aspects, and considers the community-aspect of architecture?

Different topics in the field of a future ‘natural’ city will be tackled in
a combination of presentations and moderated discussions. The focus will
lie on the discussion, whereby after each presentation, a discussion of the
topic presented will take place.

Emőke Bada
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