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Subject: Fwd: Internationales Seminar
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Subject: Internationales Seminar
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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 12:09:25 +0200
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Internationales Seminar
ON SOMNOLENCY: Symptome und Tendenzen in zeitgenössischer Kunst und Kultur
13. September 2002, Forum Stadtpark
Einladung zur Bewerbung (scroll down for english version)

Im Rahmen des StipendiatInnenprogramm AiR_port des Forum Stadtpark und 
Graz 2003 Kulturhauptstadt Europas organisieren die drei litauischen 
Artists-in-Residence Jurgita Remeikyte, Alma Skersytò und Irma 
Stanaityte das Seminar ON SOMNOLENCY.
Es besteht die Möglichkeit, sechs KünstlerInnen, KuratorInnen, 
KritikerInnen, PhilosophInnen (etc.) einzuladen, Reisekosten (keine 
Flugkosten) und Unterbringung werden erstattet. Das Seminar wird in 
englischer Sprache abgehalten, jeder Beitrag ist auf 45 Minuten 
beschränkt. Bewerbungsformular und genauere Beschreibung finden Sie im 

Kontakt: onsomnolency2002@yahoo.com  Einsendeschluß: 13. August.

The International Seminar
ON SOMNOLENCY: Symptoms and Tendencies in Contemporary Art and Culture
13th of September, 2002

The seminar "ON SOMNOLENCY: Symptoms and Tendencies in Contemporary Art 
and Culture" is going to be organized at Forum Stadtpark in Graz 
(Austria). It is a part of continuous art project of three 
artists-in-residence from Lithuania. The subject of the seminar is to 
question one of contemporary phenomenon that could be described as a 
It links to the aspects such as tiredness, boredom, somnambulism, lost 
feel of the real, etc. The intent of the seminar is to invite 
participants (artists, critics, curators, philosophers, etc.) from 
Lithuania, Austria and several countries near by, who would be 
interested in taking part with their lectures, visuals and personal 
comments on the proposed subject, while situating it in the extended 
context of current theories and debates on contemporary art and culture.
There is a possibility to invite 6 persons covering their travel 
expenses (except air-plain) and accommodation. The lectures and the 
other types of presentations supposed to be given in English, and time 
limit for each performer would be 45 min. approximately.

Contact by e-mail: onsomnolency2002@yahoo.com

Jurgita Remeikyte, Alma Skersytò, Irma Stanaityte

Stadtpark 1
A - 8010 Graz

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