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>Apologies for any cross posting that may occur.
>This announcement may be of interest to some list members.
>Digital Arts and Culture::2003::Streaming Wor(l)ds
>The 2003 iteration of the Digital Arts and Culture (DAC) international 
>conference series is to be held on the city campus of RMIT University, 
>Melbourne, Australia from May 19 to 23, 2003.
>keywords: Augmented Reality, Cyberculture, Electronic Fiction, Electronic 
>Music, Electronic Nonfiction, Electronic Poetry, Electronic Spatiality, 
>Electronic Temporality, Flash Fiction, Flash Nonfiction, Games Culture, 
>Games Sociology, Games System Design, Games Theory , Hypertext 
>Literature  , Hypertext Theory , Interactive Architecture, Interactive 
>Cinema and Video  , Interactive Graphic Narrative, Interactive 
>Performance, MOOs, MUDs, RPG, Networked Improvisation, Networked 
>performance, Streaming Narrative, Time Based Interactive Media, Virtual 
>Reality, Virtual Worlds, ,
>Artists, scholars, developers and practitioners working in these and 
>cognate fields are invited to submit 500 word proposals for papers and 
>panels by September 15, 2002. All proposals for papers and panels must be 
>submitted via the submission page which will shortly be available from the 
>conference web site:
>All contributions will be reviewed by the conference academic board and 
>short listed nominations will be contacted by November 1, 2002.
>Short listing does not mean that your work has been accepted for the 
>conference. Short listing means you will be invited to write a full paper, 
>panel proposal, or forum description for review by the program committee. 
>Only complete papers, panel submissions and forum descriptions will be 
>considered for acceptance and this is subject to full peer review by the 
>program committee.
>Paper and panel submissions must be completed and submitted by February 1, 
>2003 for final peer review and consideration. All accepted work will be 
>published in a full conference proceedings.
>Papers are academic presentations that reflect any of the conference 
>themes. Proposals for papers are limited to 500 words and should give the 
>program committee an indication of your major argument or arguments, and 
>your theoretical approach. It is expected that only abstracts that suggest 
>an original contribution to the field will be short listed.
>Panels are themed discussions that concentrate on any of the conference 
>themes. Panels are to consist of a position statement (that may or may not 
>be collectively authored) that panel members respond and contribute to. 
>Panel proposals ought to include a draft position statement (maximum of 
>500 words) and list the members of the panel. Panels are expected to make 
>a constructive and original contribution to debate and ideas in the field.
>++what is dac?++
>DAC is an international conference focusing on new media theory and 
>practice in critical contexts. It has nurtured a significant international 
>community of young and innovative researchers, artists and scholars in the 
>interdisciplinary field of new media, and has become the benchmark 
>conference for research and collaborative endeavour in new media. DAC has 
>always offered a specialised forum that has emphasised the importance of 
>bringing together leading practitioners for the exchange of ideas and to 
>develop international professional networks and knowledge economies. 
>MelbourneDAC:Streaming Wor(l)ds recognises and intends to continue this 
>role through the papers, panels, and forums it hosts, and the innovative 
>series of collaborative workshops and events that will be undertaken by 
>all conference participants. The mission of MelbourneDAC is to not only 
>exchange ideas and promote new developments in digital arts and culture 
>but to ensure that all participants develop relevant and sustainable 
>professional communities.
>Adrian Miles Conference Chair
>Antoanetta Ivanova Conference Producer
>end of announcement
>+  lecturer in new media and cinema studies 
>+  interactive desktop video developer  [http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/vog/]
>+  hypertext rmit [http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au]
>+ InterMedia:UiB. university of bergen [http://www.intermedia.uib.no]
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