[rohrpost] ::: Reclaim * Zentrale * Randlage ::: TODAY!!

Sandra Boll sandra_b74 at yahoo.com
Fre Mai 16 13:05:59 CEST 2008

::: Reclaim * Zentrale * Randlage :::

hey, you might have recognized that the great venue >zentrale randlage< was closed last year, because it was sold. the house is still empty. probably someone is waiting for it to become worth some zillions of money. but speculants should be shot to the moon or somewhere where they can do they can do their dirty business without distroying existing, functioning and important social and cultural structures!

so we have to tell you that on may 16th the venue would have its 4th anniversary. we think, thats worth a celebration !

::: plan is: we do it in there. there is an entrance in the back, they forgot to close, so its easy as pie to get in. there will be no electricity and probably no running water anymore.

B R O K O F  will play some songs accoustic and bring a ghetto blaster for the dancers. we will also bring some drinks along and you should do that too. candles will give light. Police might stop the fun but thats worth it for us!!!

we start at 9pm sharp. bring your friends, booze, torch lights, instruments and fast shoes ::: --> theres a house to the right of ZR and still a little furthermore to the right is a little parking lot. go via the parking lot into the backyard of ZR and meet us there before 9***

::: Zentrale Randlage / Schönhauser Allee 172 / Berlin :::