[rohrpost] Opening, Today, 09.07. from 4-7 PM @ ACI | "He Told Me to Remain Silent" | Dave Ball & Jörg Piringer

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Do Jul 9 09:26:49 CEST 2020

Art Exhibition Opening Today curated by Art Claims Impulse

He Told Me to Remain Silent
Opening today: Thu 09.07.2020 | 4:00-7:00 PM
Exhibition: 10 – 30.07.2020 | Tue - Sat 12:00 - 06:00 PM

Location: Projektraum 3 @ feldfünf
 Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 7-8
10969 Berlin

In our last exhibition before the summer break we show art works by Dave 
Ball and Jörg Piringer. Both artists deal with the visualization of 
language. Jörg Piringer calls himself a "digital poet". He programs his 
computer to generate sound poems, to write independently and creatively. 
We have had him in our program since he won the ZKM App Art Award 2012. 
His exploration of language and poetry has now led him to be nominated 
for this year's Ingeborg Bachmann Prize.

Dave Ball, shortlisted for the Berlin Art Prize in 2016, has taken on an 
unimaginable performance project: he visualizes a myriad of words of the 
Concise English Oxford Dictionary according to rules he has established. 
We followed his path since he first joined the art residency program at 
Art Claims Impulse in 2008. In this exhibition, we show individual 
sequences of A, B, C and D.

Our curation shows two different positions (Jörg Piriniger: digital 
works, Dave Ball: drawings, illustrations and photos), thus creating a 
dialogue on the subject of language visualisation.

"He Told Me to Remain Silent" is our response to Wittgenstein's last 
sentence in his treaty "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be 
silent", which we question with the artworks by Dave Ball and Jörg 
Piringer, who both offer an open and individual interpretation of 

partikel by Jör Piringer is a reflection on the attempts to establish 
pervasive voice control for devices and means of transport on a large 
scale. In contrast to so-called personal assistants such as Alexa or 
Siri, however, partikel is not concerned with subordinating one's own 
speech to the utilitarian computer system and its exploitation models 
and at the same time adapting one's own language to the machine, but 
rather with expanding the sound and speech possibilities of the voice 
and exploring new forms of expression. It is an interactive dynamic 
text-sound installation in which the audience control the visual and 
acoustic events through their voices. Everything reacts to each other: 
the sound influences the image and the image the sound. The audience can 
control the complex behaviour of the sounding letters with pitch, sound 
quality and volume of their voice and experiment with them with relish.

A to Z by Dave Ball is an umbrella work comprising a series of 
successive semi-independent projects defined by a particular letter of 
the alphabet; each introduces some new conceptual parameter or media 
restriction, whilst adhering to the basic parameters of the overall 
work. The work originally developed out of an interest in utilising 
randomness as a generative tool, inspired in part by a well-known 
technique for encouraging lateral thinking, which is to pick a word at 
random in the dictionary and apply that to whatever subject-matter is 
being investigated – thus breaking out of the constraints of 
conventionally linear, logical thought. A to Z deliberately pushes the 
rationale behind this technique to an absurd level, where there is 
nothing left except the non-linear thought; divorced of any context, the 
efficacy of the operation is called into question. What remains is a 
farcically large collection of sequential images, whose meaningfulness 
is undermined by the excessive faith in semiotic cogency that drives the 
project’s relentless marrying of words and images.

Looking forward to welcoming you!!

Pierre Wolter & Melanie Zagrean
Art Claims Impulse

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