[rohrpost] Inconvenient - Neue Veröffentlichung auf Industrial Coast

David Wallraf npunkt-0 at web.de
Fr Jul 17 13:06:58 CEST 2020

Out now on Industrial Coast:

/Inconvenient/, C35 tape, 8,- £.


Label Statement:

These recordings were assembled in a rather/inconvenient/ way during a
period in 2019 when the audio interface on DW’s computer did not work
properly. All sounds had to be recorded on mobile devices and then
transferred to a DAW for mixing.
The pieces revolve around /impossibilities/ – transducing and
transposing inaudible events into the hearable spectrum and mixing
unrelated audio from different locations to create the simulacrum of a
place that never really existed.
The détournements of song titles by Bob Dylan and Don van Vliet act as a
reminder to the possibility of deconstructing your own memories and
The aesthetic choices made during the recording process were influenced
by the collage work /Une Semaine de Bonté/ by Max Ernst.

Eine digitale Version ist hier erhältlich:



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