[spectre] RE: new mailing list: SPECTRE :info

Andreas Broeckmann abroeck@transmediale.de
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 10:27:05 +0200

dear anna,

>how could I be proud of my work if you don't give a credit for it?

you are being given credit for it now. you should be proud of it anyway -
there are many things that many people do and never get credited for. it's
called history.

>And you say that Luchezar Boyadiev has coined the term deep europe?

no, if you reread my mail you will see that i wrote that he offered an
*interpretation*. i look forward to your own definition.

>I am sorry if
>Geert Lovink hided my text from you for five years, I would have never
>guessed that he proceeds this way.

i don't see why it should be geert's resposibility to post your text, and
why you have not felt the necessity to do this yourself?

>I have immediately notified your when you
>first pointed publically for the term a wrong origin. I will publish the
>text first on the syndicate list, where it should belong. You can use the
>term of course, as a stated before, I just ask that you mention that I
>coined it.

the term deep europe was coined by anna balint. it was passed on by geert
lovink. it was used by andreas broeckmann and inke arns. it was interpreted
by luchezar boyadjiev. it was used more by sally jane norman, iliyana
nedkova, nina czegledy, edi muka, and many others. it is a piece of
language and cannot be controlled. it was coined by anna balint in 1996.