[spectre] "Deep Europe" is really deep?

Pasztor Erika Katalina perika@epiteszforum.hu
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 11:48:20 +0200

Dear Anna, dear Andreas, and dear all, who are involved,
I was lurking on the syndicate list for years, I never dared to send a letter.
Well, I never had any special reason to do so. But now I have to write a
comment on "Deep Europe" and its copyright problem of Anna.

"Deep Europe" is only a flat slogen in my opinion .
(Except Anna I guess not so many of you follow the developments of the
political situation in Hungary, which is a kind of illuminating story of how
modern political marketing-communication (and media!) can sell about 5 million
Hungarians down the river.... with fine tuned slogans.)

There is a lot at stake at the election 2002: if the Rights (the Guys) win,
than Hungary will be conserved into a society what is an interesting mixture of
network capitalism and new-feudalism spilled professional political Public
Relation sauce on it. The national identity ("the national copyrigths") begins
to awake again but now it is assited by the active service of marketing and
management sciences. Philip Kotler's excellent and energetic students' rhetoric
feeds losers of the society with slogans and kitschy shows: national identity
becomes more important for the "folks" than the parliament controll of the
butget what The Guys spend on it. "Hungary - what you hide in your heart",
"Memory becomes Hope": politics are full of pink emotions nowadays around here.
(The sweet-gloomy-funny thing is that all the slogens of the government are
"invented" by the "Happy End PR Agency" :-)

"Deep Europe" - is nothing more than a slogan, invented by Anna or Gert, who
cares. Slogans kill meaning, slogans are the effective power of our media and
Public Relation culture. Slogans has a function to be obscure to understand as
many ways as many people gets it.

"Deep Europe" means nothing without context - and the context is created by
physical and intelectual activity of people in time: the context is a process
in space and time. Although The Guys introduced successful PR slogans into
politics, only the context shows the real meaning.

"the past just has been started" in Hungary (I do not know who said it,
sorry... probably I read it in the Narancs - a liberal weekly) - why should we
start it Anna, too? I hope we can kill off slogans and their
copyright-arguments in case of starting to think in - as distinct and exact
terms as it possible. Anybody who cares, should see further and deeper than
"who owns the copyrights of Deep Europe".

Sorry for my poor English mistakes what may confuses the transmission of the
core message-:)
Yours truly,

Erika Katalina Pasztor
media artist&designer, DLA student of Intermedia Dep., MKE
founder and editor of Hungarian ArchitectForum (Epiteszforum) Online