[spectre] RE: "Deep Europe" is really deep?

anna balint epistolaris@freemail.hu
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 12:59:43 +0200

Dear Erika,
maybe not many people care about slogans, but I do: if once for a term is
given a history, I feel better if that history is correct. In my view it
must have been important, if once it gave inspiration for so many people.
For me the most funny and ironic is that all this discussion is going on out
of its syndicate contexts. I was always happy to give and I am glad if
people use the term I invented, and naturally I don't copyright the term, I
say that I coined it. If you are curious to my context and my
interpretation, please subscribe to the syndicate list. Now there is a
discussion about ascii art definitions, when I feel it will be appropriate I
will publish my text.
Anna Balint