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Alessandro Ludovico a.ludovico at neural.it
Wed Feb 11 20:31:21 CET 2004

The Department of Linguistic Practices and 
Analisys of Texts, and the Languages Faculty of 
the University of Bari presents:

second electronic music and digital arts event.

February 13th:

10:00 LOGIN
*Patrizia Calefato /Claudia Attimonelli: Introduction

* Iain Chambers (University of Naples 
"l'Orientale"): Scanning the sound, staying with 
the technique

* Franco Degrassi: Acousmatic composition and 
sound projection: electronic music's 'back to the 

* Pierpaolo Martino: performance and improvisation

* b_muvis videoklan (Bluecheese_Rome): 'FLxER 2.0 
pro' - freeware vjing software

* input: Augusto Ponzio, Pierfranco Moliterni...



* Nello Barile (University of Rome-La Sapienza; 
University of Malta): Electronic Music videoclip: 
visual culture outpost

* Otolab (milano): sound as a moving form: 'Syn'

* Alessandro Ludovico (neural.it): Visual 
abstraction in the contemporary electronic 
* Aurelio Cianciotta (neural.it): 
Psychofrequencies/Sonic Genomas in the urban space

* Miky Ry + ape5 in "MY, audio/video live set" (performance)

19:00 LOGOUT


February 13th, 20:30 hr >... :

@ Associazione Culturale "ANARRES", via De Nittis 40, Bari
entrance: 5 euro

20:30 UPSTAIRSZONE: Digital art log box, digital 
installations and videoprojections

* Video.Game.04 (part one): video selection by Luca Curci

* Sonic Genoma (Installation)

* Visual Screening:
- "Uomo" , Roberto Ratti
- "Neubizarre-eroticpaiN" , Clau
- "Eye Candy Iconoscope"

* Quadri Digitali:
- "Autoritratto", Davide Gernone
- "Senza Titolo", Davide Gernone


* Otolab : Multimedia Live Performace


February 14th, 21:00 hr >... :

Circolo ARCI "Q.X.", via Giannone 16, Bari
entrance: 3 euro (+ ARCI card)


21:00 Digital art log box: digital installations and videoprojections.

* Spazio Materia, four Mario Materia's video:
-"HID-E-NTITIES: a trance like state", UK, 2000
- Phshcosynthesis: Analogue_Memories, UK, 2001
-"I Still Don't Understand Why My First Date Was So Obscure", UK, 2002
-"La Spia Che Era In Me", Italy, 2003

* Video.Game.04 (part two): video selection by Luca Curci

* Whirlpool: videoart selected by Grazia De Palma 
(extracted from: Intimità stereotipate, Il 
gattopardo moderno, Funghi utopici)

* Visual Screening:
- "Uomo" , Roberto Ratti
- "Neubizarre-eroticpaiN" , Clau
- "Eye Candy Iconoscope"

* Quandri Digitali:
- "Autoritratto", Davide Gernone
- "Senza Titolo", Davide Gernone

* "Percorsi di luce" di Titti

24:00  [di.a.log_box] PARTY!

* b_muvis videoklan (Bluecheese_roma): "FLxER 2.0 pro " vjset
* dj jaurelio (breakbeat) + dj Miky Ry (tecno) + 
mc Belfast + vj ape5 + guests (drumnbass)...

in collaboration with neural.it (http://neural.it) and RobotzOnMarz
sponsored by: Velvet Cinema - Underground Record Store -
Controradio 97.300/92.200 - Momart Gallery Bar
Info mail: clattimo at libero.it ;ape5 at libero.it
Info line: +393381628160 / +393475508930


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