[spectre] "Natural Process(NP)" by exonemo available online!

yukiko shikata sica at dasein-design.com
Fri Feb 20 03:55:39 CET 2004

"Natural Process(NP)" by exonemo available online

at this moment at Mori Art Museum(where i work as associate curator),
two exhibitions "Roppongi Crossing"(with 57 japanese artists) and
"KUSAMATRIX"(kusama yayoi solo), are on.

in "Roppongi Crossing" there are some media art works, and here is
one, "Natural Process(NP)", the new work by exonemo(akaiwa yae +
sembo kensuke), i curated, they exhibit a huge painting of Google top,
shoot it and streaming on the web.


*we have got a really good reaction from Google Inc., including two founders!

yukiko shikata


"Natural Process (NP)" is an installation that consists of exonemo's 
first-ever pictorial work, "A web page," and a surrounding system.

"A web page," the work at the center of this installation, is a conversion 
of a well-known webpage (*1) into painted form. Simply put, the painting 
depicts an entire webpage along with the window that frames it! Yet, at the 
same time, it's not just a painting, but also "an analogization of a 
digital object" or "a landscape painting of the Internet." (After all, we 
see it through a "window"!)

The NP system is constructed so that a webcam captures the painting in the 
museum and transmits its image onto the Internet. Here's how it works:
[The webpage is converted into analog form (i.e. a painting)] >> [installed 
in the museum] >> [filtered through the medium of the exhibition space] >> 
[converted back into digital form] >> [and transmitted onto the Internet]
In short, it originates from the Web and returns back to it through what is 
probably the world's most-roundabout process ever!!
And by filtering through the medium of the museum, will the "data" 
deteriorate? Or will it mature into something else!!!!!!?

Will you come see the "real" webpage painting at the museum?
Or will you see it "virtual" through the Web? 

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