[spectre] Johan Sjerpstra: Never is too Late

Zoltan Labas mail at zoltanlabas.de
Fri Jan 30 07:41:25 CET 2004

Johan Sjerpstra: Never is too Late

an exhibition in Zoltan Labas' online gallery, Umraum, January 2004

Does a right decision require time? We live without pause in the flow 
of continuous decision making, walking through the suffocating 
contradictions of complexity of being. Dr Johann Faust asks Mephisto 
to freeze the moment, and Shakespeare says something similar, and the 
Sabbath is the same too. We must stop time in order to step out from 
the practical world and create a time for reflection. Distance means 
Sportsmen say their perceptiveness is ready for more details, and 
this stepping out of the normal speed of events produce an automatic 
cognitive value. Through the proper ecology of time perception we can 
spare some mental work. And if we fly by robot pilot, we have time to 
observe the space debris of text fragments, quotations, floating 
through our cognitive cosmos. The rests of earlier missions. (JS)

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