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Call for Proposals

Hilchot Shchenim,chapter II

The Israeli Center for Digital Art

Digital ArtLab

info at digitalartlab.org.il

16 Yirmiyahu st,

Holon 58373,Israel.



During the coming year,the center will oversee three projects under the name

“Hilchot Shcheinim"-Lows for neighbors (a reference to the laws of division

property and boundaries codified by the Rambam in his "Mishna Torah",a

commentary on the Torah

This exhibition came from a desire to catalyze the discourse on the
influences of

digital technologies on contemporary culture in general and Israeli society

particular,and out of a recognition of the need to create a platform for

communications between artists,activists,media people,film makers,and the


Hilchot Shcheinim is comprised of three main exhibits,each accompanied by

screenings,lectures,performances and workshops.The exhibits will act as a

laboratory for ideas about art and media and the marketplace and
exchange,and will

examine the manner in which social,cultural and technological
changes,influence art

and artists.

The Hilchot Shcheinim events should be apprehended as an up-to-date source

information that offers a panoramic view of our lives via the combination of

language of art and the tools of contemporary culture,the various

the economy.


Project I:December 2003 -February,2004

The first chapter opened on Dec.6th and is still on until Feb.28th.We
consider it to

be an initial step towards the formation of a regional,cultural network that
will serve

as a stage for both artists and researchers for establishing relations with

colleagues from countries in the regions by means of a combination of the
language of

art with tools of modern day culture,various modes of communication,as well

using universal tools of communication and exchange in order to assign their

broader contexts and support.

Project II:April-June,2004

Will focus on tactics and strategies used by artists,groups of

and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)to create cultural networks and

cooperation.The emphasis will be on the ways in which capitalism and the

globalization movement shape the media and the use that artists make of

technologies in their work.

Project III:September -November,2004

We will attempt to diagram life in the world of the
Empire -Globalization,proposing

the Internet as a positive model for globalization.Not only is the Internet
a model

wherein the countries of the world,giant corporations,political and social

organizations,and individuals are equal,but it is a model of a decentralized

without centralized control or enforcement that cannot monitor either the
flow of

information or number of its “citizens”.Moreover,it is a virtual,apolitical

with a weak capacity for control that is vulnerable to disruptions,“street

revolts,yet it does not collapse as a result.At Hilchot Schcheinim III,we

attempt to examine how a vision of such a world is conceived of by
artists,and what

the effects are of such a world on the art realm.

Visual artists,media artists,musicians,activists,and collectors are invited
to propose

projects.Preference will be given to artists working in the Middle East and


Proposals for projects for Hilchot Shcheinim II must be sent by February 28,

2004 along with the accompanying form.


1.Type of work/project


3.General Details

Organiza tion/Institution


Na me




Zip Code City


State Country


Tel F ax


E-mail U RL




Digital (Mini-DV,CD-ROM,DVD,Floppy,Zip)____________________


Operation System (Windows,Linux,MacOS,Other)_______________

An Internet Project at http://__________________________________

System Requirements (software,hardware)______________________

Other Media ______________________________________________


Country of production ________________Year ______________

6.Additional Materials

Please add additional materials and mark here:

Description ____Documentation ____Photographs ____Costs/Budget ____

CV ____Other ____

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