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Thu Feb 9 10:41:15 CET 2006

Two exhibitions

David Haines & Joyce Hinterding

Two works for Wilhelm Riech

Haines & Hinterding, Two works for Wilhelm Riech, 2006 Sydney-based 
artists, David Haines & Joyce Hinterding, are widely known for their 
dramatic audiovisual installations. Working independently, but often in 
collaboration, Haines & Hinterding bring sound and video together to 
explore the natural world and its seemingly invisible energies. 
Hinterding creates recordings of magnetic fields and other natural 
phenomena that combine with Haines' video installations to create a 
complex universe of moving landscapes, mysterious interfaces and 
ghostly transmissions.

'Imagine a multi screen projection - you are inside a pine forest - you 
are able to watch the forest under siege from itself. Its like you are 
being attacked by the trees. A strange electromagnetic dust of sound 
and electricity fills the space.'

Opening: Wednesday 8 February, 6pm

Free artist floortalks Thursday 9 February, 1pm



Group exhibition

Sub-terrain, a group exhibition curated by Hannah Mathews Sub-terrain 
brings together a selection of Western Australia's leading contemporary 
artists under the 2006 Perth International Arts Festival thematic of 
'earthly delights'. These artists, whose work draws on a diverse range 
of media, are linked by their interpretation of the urban and rural 
landscapes of our vast state. From the spinifex of Kununura and the 
colour fields of suburban Perth's backyards to the use of organic 
materials, the work of these artists reflects the often subconscious 
yet significant relationship the distinctly West Australian terrain 
demands of us all.

Artists include Paddy Bedford, Julie Dowling, Derek Kreckler, Matthew 
Ngui, Alwin Reamillo, Juha Tolonen and others.

Opening Wednesday 8 February, 6pm

Free artists' floortalks every Thursday, 1pm throughout the exhibition

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA)
51 James St - Perth
Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 6pm
Free admission


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