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actually featured work:

"anstreichungen von karl-heinz bohrer"
series of 373 oil paintings, each 60cm x 45 cm, 2002–2006

many of us are hunted down by that materialistic illusion, life should
produce and consume pure (genderifying or symbolic) text material,
reduced to the overcoming our everyday life, become complex or being
arrested in deterritorializing tendencies;  the sense, the fundamental
aspects of life/file, the possibilities for the change of sense or
reflecting the advantage of our abilities like abstraction. the
indifferencies, in which we could imagine those reminders by the
interface between (gender) and body, products of our desire like our
death wishes, with whose assistance we think about being able to
overcome the singularity of that unsharped sense.

inspired by on kawara's famous "date paintings", beate zurwehme dives
into the mystic world of writer k.h. bohrer, whose friendship with
horkheimer, adorno, lévi-strauss, luhmann, lacan will re-appear in
every unique, self-similar work on canvas tabloids. in its
hyper-realistic strenth, this conceptuel work will follow gerhard
richter's mid-age experiments, and do inauguralizing also the
imaginary-to-symbolic trabnsformation anticipated by the late "raf"
series by same artist.

but this is a picture. from far away, subject fluctuate into many
pictures; therefore I have created this conceptual work's line-up of
each tabloid heading subjectivation (gender). that's where my entire
visual work is based in pictures: these processual and processing
pictures, with whose we standardize and constitute our (genderized)
environment. he? her? had written a small text, as a small literature,
which is called "in front of law"; but it can also be interpreted:
before death, in différant tradition of blanchot and derrida. in death
and in the picture the contradiction dissolves. and that is the small
gap of that strange thing we call (gender), or as lacan called it "le
petit objet a", the basi(c)s of all desire.

you can read the full length interview by ASPECT magazine here:

| interlinking of media
| practice with gender related issues

[from an interview with ASPECT magazine, 2005]

   Q: What role does time play in your life?

   A: The projects normative bebilderung and stolen reality pick up every
moment for documentability, whithout any chose of special or
significant moments, every document (movie or still picture) represents
the whole set of moments within.

   Q. How is your project lifetime from a collection?

   A. Collections should be sorted, and in this way a collection
represents an act of selection. my life documents a spur changing
between time and room.

   Q: What is the significance of “more” in your life?

   A: The more in my life is a little feeling of eternity, because it has
no significat beginning or end. projects accompany my life and work, my
environment, thoughts and small views.

   Q: What will you do with your accumulates after the second show?

   A. The projects will be going further at the web.

   Q: What are the folds of holy picture reflection and where do they
overlap themselves with textures of the environment?

   A: Perceptions of sense landscapes change themselves off with
observations more spatially, more socially and for inter+subjective
relations, which develops at the edges of the tactile matrix.

   Q: How does your project explore the physical and/or symbolic
possibilities of your accumulates?

   A: Well –

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