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> He's also the only of the three curators who ducked a reply to us after
> our protests. And on top of that, Inke's text that got ripped off into
> "Just Do It" originally had been a lecture of her's at Zollverein - when
> Waldvogel was its curator, and listening to the talk. So beware of Mr.
> Waldvogel attending your lectures.  There's a chance that they end up,
> with his name tag, in his next brilliant catalogue, getting him the next
> big job in the art world. I just learned that he has become a curator at
> Witte de With in Rotterdam.

Hi all, 

Nicolaus Schafhausen (formerly Frankfurter Kunstverein) became the new Witte
de With director and chief-curator on January 1st this year, which here is
being seen as quite a positive development. Reading the posting that
Waldvogel is (or will be) a curator 'across the street' at Witte de With I
was rather hoping that this may have been a slip of the pen. But indeed,
further intensive research has confirmed this to be the case ...




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