[spectre] technological determinism in media art

Armin Medosch armin at easynet.co.uk
Fri Feb 24 18:07:17 CET 2006

hi spectrists, 

some of you might be interested in a thesis I have written last year 
about: Technological Determinism in Media Art

The thesis is, in short, that certain founding fathers have succeeded 
in establishing media art institutionally but it was a pyrrhic victory. 
the language and 'philosophy' they have employed was about a 
fetishized notion of disembodied information and an equally fetishized 
notion of interactivity. Thus, they have failed to build solid theoretic 
and terminological foundations. Because of the internet being 
openend up their discoursive relevancy was over by 1995-96. 
Although some good things came afterwards this sort of foundational 
mistake has blighted the field and subsequently lead to the confusion 
and misunderstandings we find ourselves in now. Long version


where you can also find some other bits and pieces of theory under 

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