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Newsletter 03.12.2009
Piemonte Share
Report Share Festival 2009

Thanks to the support of our audience, students and friends, the main 
events of this year’s Share Festival were able to be recorded.

The videos will soon be condensed into our website, where footage of 
Share Festival 2009 conferences and interviews with speakers can 
currently be viewed.

A special thank-you goes to the *DAMS *students of Professor *Giulio 
Lughi*, who recorded most of the event for us on video, co-ordinated by 
*Silvia Giachello*.
Thanks also go to the photographer *Gianfranco Mura*, who shot the most 
important moments of the festival with *Stefania Rota (Maya)*.
And finally we thank the *TO-PIX *Consortium, without which the 
conferences held at the National Science Museum would not be available 
now for viewing.

To begin with, here are two documentary videos published on our YouTube 
page, with more videos to come soon:
Presentation of Share Festival 2009

Set up of Share Festival 2009

See Gianfranco Mura’s photos on Flicker!

Conferences held at the Natural Science Museum:

Press coverage:
We invite you to download the Share Festival 2009 - Market Forces 
<http://www.toshare.it/CAT/MARKET-FORCES_eng.zip> catalogue in pdf format.

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