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Definition of 'Acadenemic' on Rosalind - add your own voice, your own 
definitions on your own terms...

"Acadenemic - A constant refusal by certain academics, historians to 
grant a truth by not including in their studies 'real histories' of 
other significant artists or collectives, independent groups in their 
publications. A cultural sickness recognised in Media Art culture." Marc 

The definition above is on Rosalind, an upstart media art lexicon, born 
in 2004, following a sheltered 9 month gestation. Originally created to 
give voice to those who are either ignored, not represented fairly or 
are misrepresented by certain academics, institutions, historians and 
'official' media outlets. Even though many may be considered or seen to 
be actively engaged in their work to be proposing a less divided world 
or a more inclusive society in their critical practice, in many cases 
this is actually not true in respect of how they act in reality.

This project of course does not intend to resolve the issue as an 
absolute antidote to such forms of cultural snobbery and elitism in 
Media Art and related cultures. Mainly because we know that it will take 
years, far too long for any actual 'authentic' change to happen. This 
habitual form of culturalized dysfunction touches upon a taboo that is 
systemic and has its own risks whenever anyone tries to openly discuss 
it. So, just to make it clear, we are not interested in the making of 
stars or treading on others so to reach some shallow and misguided, 
place in art or social history if it means having no soul left when you 
get there, where ever 'there' is. We value the outsider and those who 
are not readily accepted, we always will. We don't close doors we open 
them. We do not believe that to share our culture or platforms that you 
need to harbour any particular ideal or need to pretend that you are 
more informed than you really are - we are not pretending, we are 
learning just like you.

We have chosen our own way in dealing with this and do not expect 
everyone to be the same as us, yet we do appreciate the 'real' need to 
find alternative routes out of this separatist cul-de-sac, the need 
mutually break down the various hermetically sealed and elitist 
frameworks that negatively hold back others from sharing and being a 
part of the growth in making this world better than it is now. And yes, 
we are not perfect but we are open in acknowledging the issue, rather 
than denying it. Remember, just because many are using the cache of 
activism to employ their agency does not mean that they are not part of 
the problem, we all are. Lets work together in resolving this, rather 
than forming childish little playground cliques, perpetuating the 
mannerism of mono-cultural conformity. We are not deluded with the 
notion that Rosalind is a proposal or mechanism that will somehow create 
change, it is merely a symbol of a massive blind-spot in our shared 
practices - asking politely, sometimes with humour that, perhaps if we 
took the time to understand and 'even' appreciate other people's 
imaginations, beyond our usual, restrictive parapets. We may get a 
little bit closer that place which does not only exist as a dream or 
utopian desires...

Feed Rosalind with your own words and definitions to express and declare 
what you are, what you do and the worlds you create, on your own terms. 
Influence and mutate her, help her to maturity. Because we all need to 
move beyond where we are all now...

This project was concieved in January 2004 For 9 months the nascent 
lexicon was fed with words and their definitions.

In early September 2004 we agreed a name for the lexicon- Rosalind- 
after Rosalind Franklin and launched it to the world to be influenced 
and mutated and helped to maturity by all who interact with it.

The Gest at tors were: Marc Garrett, Neil Jenkins, Ruth Catlow, Ivan Pope, 
Helen Varley Jamieson, Karla Ptacek, Andy Deck, Joseph & Donna Mcelroy, 
Alan Sondheim, Ryan Griffis, Michael Szpakowski, Patrick Lichty, Maya 
Kalogera, Alexandra Reill.


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