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aa-vv workshop invitation:

hands-on, creative workshop & interactive installation

Stefanie Wuschitz (Vienna)

March 17. - 20. 2010, 2 - 7 PM
March 20. 2010, 7 - 9 PM - Welcome to our circuit! public Installation.

(a cozy central project-space with a bar, small kitchen and large windows!;)

Focusing on uniting sustainable low tech and untypical materials with
high tech in a poetic and fluent way, we will be creating changeable
patterns, forms and shapes within the electric circuit,
experimenting with resistance and conductivity to create hand made
switches and analogue sensors from magnetite stones, conductive
thread/fabric, graphite, organic and found materials to be joined to a
spatial interactive and sensual circuit, consisting of movable parts,
connected to the micro controller Arduino.

Day 1-4:
1) Collecting and connecting different materials, found objects and
electronic parts to a simple electric circuits, containing small
speakers, motors and lights; Trying out sustainable ways of power
production with solar panels and organic batteries; Looking into a
device called 'Arduino' to connect everything interactively.
2) Exploring the possibilities of the space for arranging a large scale
room installation from the electronic circuits built so far and
connecting them with analog conductive materials meaningfully; Drawing
with conductive ink and graphite, implementing light sensors that react
with sound to any interaction.
3) Building the sound part of the installation with the help of an open
source software called 'processing' (lava-based application for creating
interactive graphics and animations in connection to Arduino)
4) Are you conductive? Join the circuit for immersing experience!

Max participants:
10-12 (girls are encouraged*)

55,- Euro (including basic electronic parts and materials)
(Sorry, no funding this time:/)

Stefanie Wuschitz
uses interactive technology to build mobile sound and video
installations site-specifically encouraging the construction of unique
social and collaborative spaces. Her current focus is on subversive
public art produced by women with wireless technology. She was one of
the organizers of the international festival 'Eclectic Tech Carnival' in
Umea/Sweden and founder of 'Miss Baltazar's Laboratory'= weekly
workshops on Open Source Software, Arduino, art techniques as e.g. laser
cutting, wearable technology and circuit building (currently based at
Metalab/Vienna). Conducted the following workshops:
Mobile-hack-day, Supersimple Robots Workshop at Letni dilny
Cistirna-Prague, XBee Workshop at OKNO Bruesseles,
Mobile Processing Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden and many other.

More information about the workshop: http://aa-vv.org/

Registration: workshop at aa-vv.org
(with a brief statement of your interest and background.
The URL of your activity would be helpful too)

March 10. 2010


Set up by Natalia Borissova
http://aa-vv.org/ (homeless workshop project)

This time in cooperation with

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