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7th International Multimedia Art Meetings
25 february to 06 march 2010

Back to technological future.

Nowadays, artistic events devoted to connections between art and  
technology are facing a paradox : how to stand back from technological  
glorifications, in a consumerist world constantly saturated by new  
gadgets? RIAM (International Multimedia Art Meetings) have always  
focused on analyzing and criticizing the technology’s role and the  
artists way of appropriate and embezzled it. Even if technology have  
transformed our everyday life in a distinct way, RIAM’s programming  
has never been blindly rushed into enthusiasm for new technological  
feats. It seems evident to us that media and technical evolution have  
radically transformed our way of organizing, interpreting and  
understanding the world. The German philosopher Friedrich A. Kittler  
(1) proposes a regard on technology which links it to cognitive models  
in history. According to him, technological tools are structuring  
thought, they aren’t neutral: if they are the result of human  
inventions’ capacity, they are also a mean to modify our link with the  

Across technical history, this RIAM edition make a sort of inventions’  
archaeology, reconsidering as well successively replaced media (16 mm  
film, super 8, audio tape, polaroïd, analogical synthesizer, pinhole,  
vinyl, video recorder) as functions, objectives (and dreams) which are  
often abandoned too. In this context, many artists have recently taken  
an interest in low-tech technology, recycling obsolete analogical  
models. It consists in investing autonomy, according to a " do it  
yourself " principle. Others artists can take an interest in transfers  
between low and high tech, as existing in our everyday’s life  
practices, where phone coexist with virtual social networks. Some of  
them, are still applying to use with irony old technological terms  
when using high level tools, in a resistance to fascination produced  
by smooth images and media imagery.

At the heart of these artists reflections, there is a questioning  
about progress illusion, which have became the technological market’s  
catch phrase, constantly searching for new consummation horizons. In  
parallel, many artists are also wondering about production’s means  
bidding and imposed scale’s change in festivals and biennials  
contexts, which are dominated by communication strategy at the expense  
of real artistic’s issues. So, this RIAM edition is aiming take a  
temporal step back, without falling into a retro-futuristic aesthetic.  
It rather consists in understanding the present by taking an interest  
in how past technology made us dreaming about an-other future.



thursday 25th february
In Montévidéo at 7 pm

Yann Leguay (Artkillart)
«Cutter off»
Sound Performance

The artist presents Cutter Off,a performance version of the Dead_Media  
project wich consist in a « dissection » of a vinyl with use of micro- 
contact plugged surgical tools. This is a scalable mix. Starting from  
a blank disk, the burning is realized in live, immersing people in a  
sound universe of industrial noise and acoustic-electronica.


Sister Iodine (Mego - Premier sang - Textile records)
French pioneer experimental rock band (trio) founded in the early  
90’s, Sister Iodine made themselves known with 2 albums recorded on  
the R.I.P French label ’Semantic’; ADN 115 (1994) & Pause (1997),  
collision between the savage energy of No wave, the game of collage  
tapes and exploration of their instruments inspired by concrete music,  
their primitive love of Noise, and a primal free rock approach. From  
1992 to 97 they did some wicked concerts in company of bands like  
Sonic Youth, Faust, US Mapple, Circle X, Keiji Haino, Flaming  
Demonics, Bästard, Krackhouse, Melt Banana, Tone Rec, amongst others..  
Geographically separated since 1997 Sister Iodine began to play  
sporadically for some scattered events like some dates w/ Sonic Youth  
french tour 1999, Phonotaktik Festival, Vienna/1998, PS1 Contemporary  
Art Center NY/1998, each members focused then more on their own new  
electronic projets (Discom, duos w/ Tujiko Noriko, Evil Moisture)  
touring around the world. And still running... Back to pure and harsh  
electricity since early 2000’s , Sister Iodine continued their ufo  
like road, gaved brutal concerts here and there around their album  
came out on Textile records (Jackie O’Motherfucker, Magik Markers,  
Oren Ambarchi, Volcano The Bear, Chris Corsano & Mike Flower, Sun, and  
many more) on feb 2007, recorded @ Rare Book Room studio with Nicolas  
Vernhes. 2008/ Sister Iodine recorded his new album in his studio and  
did a few shows around like the one invited by Sonic Youth to play for  
the opening of the massive exhibition dedicated to the band "Sonic  
Youth, Sentational Fix" in Saint Nazaire.

friday 26th february
In Gallery Buy-sellf art club at 6:30 pm
Vincent Epplay & Samon Takahashi (FR: Artkillart)

Duo pour Synthi AKS et Janotron.

Since a tenth years, Vincent Epplay and Samon Takahashi are exploring  
opportunities of musical duo. From gigs (Plasm) to electronic  
composition, interpretations of anthology pieces (Trios de Tristram  
Cary), and psychedelic replay (on Pierre Clémenti’s films), their  
music is not only electroacoustic but extends in kraut rock, noise and  
groove. If there was a family of legends to situate them it would be  
between Schaeffer & Henry and Rox & Rouky, Ike & Tina and Heckel &  
Jeckel … Now, " Duo to Synthi AKS and Janotron " is a new device  
system in construction. Epplay and Takahashi are conversing,  
whispering, bawling through the legendary Synthi AKS and the home-made  
Janotron, multiple analogical instrument created by Jean-Marcel  
Busson. A hard sonic dual based on untempered and indomitable  
electronic instruments.

saturday 27th february
In La Compagnie at 7:00 pm

Samon Takahashi & EmanueleCarcano
Low profiles (low-fi aesthetics’s historical overview)

Samon Takahashi combines music and contemporary art out of practical’s  
borders. Does his creations are made to be seen or to be heard ? Is he  
comic or engaged? Takahashi plays on senses and sounds, combining  
usefull and pleasant to disrupt the spectator. Takahashi invites us to  
enter in a comic universe, poetic and also reflexive.

Emanuele Carcano is a music editor devoted to avant-gardes, from noise- 
art poetry to electronic music. He is the creator of Alga Marghen  
editions (Milan).

with the support of Upgrade!Paris

wednesday 03rd march
In Daki Ling wednesday 3rd march at 8 pm

label introduction

Artkillart is a label based in Paris and Berlin, created in 2007. Its  
purpose is to promote experimental audiovisual and sound art. In  
reaction to dematerialized music, the artists of the label refocus on  
material objects. They are invited to conceptualize and design an  
object exploring the quality, the complexity and the limits of  
different media (including the dvd, cd and vinyl), and conceived as an  
experience both for the artist and the audience.


Performance A/V

chdh’s work is based on a symbiosis between sound and image. Between  
minimalism and industrial, chdh creates a single, cold but organic  
universe. Thanks to the use of mathematical algorithms and physical  
models, chdh brings a new vision on the practice of data-processing  
tools in digital creation. The use of audio-visual objects, having a  
sound and a video component controlled by the same parameters allows  
an effective management of the relations between the two medias. This  
project evokes a virtual world, made up with more or less autonomous  
abstract creatures. The aesthetics of the video and the sound is  
minimalist: sines, diracs and noises interact with cubes, spheres and  
other primitive in 3D on a black and white visual environment.  
vivarium is an audio/video DVD project based on chdh’s performance  
work. vivarium’s goal is to switch from a live expression form to  
written and composed pieces. This project is based on the years of  
work already provided by chdh, and on the experience due to the  
performances they’ve done in France and Europe.

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