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03-04-05 MAY 2012



Toolkit returns to Venice with a second installment of the festival,
exploring the theme of interactivity in new media art. REACTIVE SYSTEMS,
2012’s chosen title, explores the processes that run parallel to a
tangible, final product. The intent is to showcase the developmental
processes that an artist produces during the creation of a work of art.

The scientific committee made up of Domenica Quaranta, Valentina Tanni
and Debora Ferrari communicate the results of the call for the 2012
edition of the Toolkit Festival, REACTIVE SYSTEMS.

The selected artist are:

Installation section_
Liam Alexander (US)
Marco Cecotto (IT)
Mauro Ferrario (IT)
Pink Flamingos (US)
Joseph Knierzinger (AT)
Ubikteatro (IT)
Therudedisign (IT)
Vjvisualoop (IT)

A/V performance section_
Francisco Godinho (PT)
JesterN (IT)
Kathleen Delaney Dance Co. (IT/US)
Luca Moroni//Masako Matsushita (IT)
Parcodiyellowstone + dfe (IT)
SapoLAB (IT)

Live media section_
Cani Giganti (IT)
Les MistonS (IT)
Maesia//FAX (IT)

The organizing committee of the Toolkit Festival also wants to thank all
the artists who participated in the call. More than 80 requests have
been sent, and this confirms the interest of the international artistic
community towards this kind of festivals, which is one of the rare
occasion to display such appraoches due to the fact that most of the
exhibition spaces are inadequate for it.

This year in particular many requests came from abroad, giving an
example of the variety of the artistic scene in which the occasions for
meeting and exhibitions are considered an important moment for the
artists to meet an audience that grows year after year.




Festival Programme:

Day #1 | May 3 >
Venice’s A plus A will inaugurate an exhibition of interactive
installation that will be on display throughout the entire event. The
selected works will create an opportunity for the public to interact
directly with the works.

Day #2 | May 4 >
The Ca’ Dolfin Palace will host a day dedicated to interactive
performance. An artist collective shifts between contemporary dance and
AV installation.

Day #3 | May 5 >
Atelier Eve Ar: V Forte Marghera hosts the collective Apparati Effimeri,
who will put on a stereoscopic video mapping installation on a wall
mural designed by grafitti artist, Peeta. A selection of video maps
curated by Claudio Sinatti will be on display throughout the evening.


Unlike the 2011 edition, REACTIVE SYSTEMS will be a traveling festival,
moving to different locations that will host daily events. This choice
has allowed us to identify the appropriate contexts for varied artistic
expressions. Immersive environments, interactive installations,
performances, dance and electronic music will be accompanied by learning
opportunities, such as a workshop designed by Claudio Sinatti on
contemporary techniques of video mapping, merging the study of
architecture with the latest digital design techniques. The workshop
will be held from May 3 - 4 at A plus A, and will conclude with an
evening presentation of the works created, May 5 at Forte Marghera.

TOOLKIT FESTIVAL was founded with the goal of exploring the expressive
horizons that existed only in a virtual sense up until a few years ago.
Now, thanks to technology, artists are able to enrich the reality of
bodies, places and architecture by displacing traditional concepts of
the “art exhibition”. The 3-day event is an attempt to involve a whole
city in a unique experience, and prove that interactivity is not just a
response to stimuli but a complex system made up of ideas, people,
places and a mutual exchange of energy.

The initiative was realized with the contribution of senato degli
studenti Iuav e Ca’ Foscari and with the collaboration of the AplusA |
Slovenian Exhibition Centre, Eventi-Arte-Venezia, TargetDue and Comune
di Venezia – Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili e Pace.



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Kernel Festival, in its first edition, involved more than ninety artists
and professionals from all over the world, offering an opportunity for
discussion and exposure for young artists interested in technological
experimentation applied to contemporary art. 

With the same intention, it launches an open call addressed to young
talents under 35, proposing new art projects related to the areas of the
Festival, giving them visibility alongside international renowned

The submission of applications is accepted exclusively online through
the dedicated application form for each section. The participant must
correctly complete all the required fields of the form by 30/04/12. 

The call is open to artists of any nationality, between the age of 18
and 35 at the deadline date of the Call. Participation of groups is
allowed, indicating a group leader. At least the 50% of the group must
not be over 35 at the deadline date of the call. 

Participation in the competition is free. 



Kernel Festival, nella sua prima edizione, ha coinvolto più di 90
artisti e professionisti provenienti da ogni parte del mondo offrendosi
come spazio di confronto e occasione di visibilità per giovani artisti
impegnati nella ricerca tecnologica applicata all’arte contemporanea. 

Con gli stessi presupposti, lancia nuovamente una open call con lo scopo
di selezionare giovani artisti under 35 che propongano proposte
artistiche innovative legate agli ambiti del festival, ai quali dare
spazio e visibilità accanto ad artisti di fama internazionale. 

La presentazione delle candidature avviene esclusivamente online,
tramite l’apposita form, specifica per ogni sezione (vedi menù). I
concorrenti devono compilare correttamente tutti i campi richiesti dalla
form entro e non oltre il 30/04/12. 

Il concorso è riservato ad artisti di ogni nazionalità, di età compresa
tra i 18 ed i 35 anni alla data di chiusura del bando. 

È ammessa la partecipazione di gruppi, indicando un capogruppo
rappresentante. Almeno il 50% del gruppo non deve aver superato i 35
anni di età alla data di scadenza del bando, pena l’esclusione
dell’intero gruppo. 

La partecipazione al bando è gratuita. 



15-21 November 2012
Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden 

CYNETART is an international festival for computer based art in Dresden.
The festival is the focal point of the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau. A
work which has developed into a festival in Germany and internationally
esteemed platform of digital culture provides a comprehensive overview
of current developments in technology-based art. 



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