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Two poems by Séamas Cain, "The Lady O'Handrahaun" and "Razors," are
included in the November 2014 issue of the online literary journal "TRUCK."
 This issue of "TRUCK," devoted to innovative and post-modern writing, has
been coordinated and edited by Anny Ballardini.

With November a time for world-wide commemorations of the dead, and death
itself, Ballardini has assembled poetry by Patricia Behrens, Charles
Bernstein, Jake Berry, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Peter Ciccariello, Jon
Corelis, Catherine Daly, Geoffrey Gatza, Bob Grumman, Jeff Harrison, Athena
Kildegaard, Marton Koppany, Jim Leftwich, Nessa O'Mahony, Sheila E. Murphy,
Lars Palm, Jerome Rothenberg, Michael Snider, Alan Sondheim, Eileen R.
Tabios, Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, Jeet Thayil, Nico Vassilakis, Joel
Weishaus, and many other poets.

Ballardini has commented on "the
baroque beauty" of Cain's poems ...


The November 2014 issue of
Halvard Johnson's TRUCK magazine ...


Anny Ballardini's CALL FOR WORKS ...


Anny Ballardini's THE POETS' CORNER ...




"The Geography of Surrealist Revolt," an essay by Séamas Cain, is included
in "HYDROLITH 2."  This "HYDROLITH 2," a truly monumental anthology of
contemporary Surrealist writing, at 368 pages, was published by Oyster Moon
Press on Halloween of 2014.

"HYDROLITH 2" has sought to assemble a large collection of exclusively
recent work by groups and individuals of the international Surrealist
movement, "to facilitate intellectual exchange and collaboration, enabling
us to concentrate the echoes of our commonalities as well as the shadows of
our differences.  In so doing, this volume aspires to reduce all manner of
distances that exist between us."

"HYDROLITH 2" is now available and can be ordered from LULU.com for $12.44
USD ...


There is also a PDF version of "HYDROLITH 2" which can be downloaded for
free at LULU.com ...



"SHIVERS OF WATER," a poem by Séamas Cain, was included in the exhibition
BIG SPLASH POETRY NETWORK at the Festival OLE.01 in the old Royal Palace at
Naples, Italy, 8 October through 3 November 2014.

This assemblage or installation of poems accompanied a large display of
digital photographs by the artist Caterina Davinio.  This BIG SPLASH POETRY
NETWORK included the works of 180 poets and artists from around the world,
including Demosthenes Agrafiotis, John M. Bennett, Julien Blaine, Mairéad
Byrne, Luisella Carretta, Antonino Contiliano, Francesca Del Moro, Klaus
Peter Dencker, Carla de Falco, Valter Ferrari, Luc Fierens, Loss Pequeño
Glazier, David Hockney, Michael Lasater, Helene Paraskeva, David W. Seaman,
Reiner Strasser, Joel Weishaus, and Umut Yalim.








Creative work and correspondence from Séamas Cain have been included in
"The Papers of Max Blechman" at the Tamiment Library of New York University
(NYU).  The Blechman Papers also contain work and correspondence from
Cornelius Castoriadis, Diane Di Prima, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Pietro
Ferrua, Morgan Gibson, Allen Ginsberg, Jean-Luc Godard, Rockwell Kent,
Wilfredo Machado, Jackson MacLow, Judith Malina, Dachine Rainer, Kenneth
Rexroth, Gary Snyder, and others.


Diarmuid Curraoin's "I know that I have broken every heart : the
significance of the Irish language in Finnegans Wake and in other works of
James Joyce" has been published in 2014 by Maunsel & Company at Dublin,
Ireland and The Academica Press at Palo Alto, California.

Séamas Cain has said that "this is the most original work on James Joyce
since the 1950s!  Curraoin, fluent since childhood in the 'Ring' dialect of
Gaelic, reveals Joyce's uses of this dialect, and the secret messages
conveyed by Joyce through this 'secret' language, in all of his writings.
For it is in the 'Ring' dialect in FINNEGANS WAKE that James Joyce reveals
his deepest personal concerns, worries in regard to the illness of his
daughter Lucia, the manner in which his lifestyle has impacted upon his
wider family, the state in which Ireland finds herself, and the way in
which he is viewed at home."




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