[spectre] Diskman hacking Workshop @ Mono shop Berlin

der Warst derwarst at der-warst.de
Wed Jul 8 17:01:01 CEST 2015

Hey Spectrians,

Mono shop Berlin is very proud to announce its very first official 

Portable CD players are still all over the place, most of us have one in 
the basement or somewhere. Unused, obsolete, collecting dust.
But it doesn't have to be that way.
By tinkering with their guts, we will save them from their sealed fate 
of ending up on the landfill by converting them into insanely fun remix 
and noise machines.

The workshop will be taught by Simon Schäfer, aka "der Warst", a 
sculptor and circuit bending wizard who has been working in the field 
for around 15 years now:

We will start on Saturday, the 18th at 2 pm and will continue on Sunday, 
19th at which ever time we agree upon. If you don't manage to finish 
your player in this time, you're invited to come over to the shop later 
in the week and finish it then.

As we only have so much space in the shop, the workshop will be limited 
to 7 participants max. So please be quick with applying.

The workshop will be 80 EUR if you bring your own player, or 100 EUR if 
we need to provide one for you. All the other materials will be included.

No experience needed, really, but it helps if you know which end of a 
soldering iron is hot and have a bit of patience and steady hands...

Please send an email to derwarst[at]der-warst[de] if you want to join.

Mono shop
Weichselstr. 32
*12045 Berlin
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